Saturday, February 3, 2018

Nathaniel and I Are Just Friends!: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E11 Review

When I first saw the trailer for this episode, I assumed it would be a fun, light-hearted episode. Rebecca and Nathaniel having a lot of sneaky, funny sex. But I was wrong.

I had a lot of anxiety during this episode but I wasn't too sure why. I think it was the 8 month time jump. Seeing all these characters facing the same problems they had 8 months ago caused me to worry. Rebecca was still having sex with Nathaniel, Paula was still feuding with her coworkers, White Josh was still trying to fill the whole inside of him after Darryl left. I was worried if during the eight months, all of these characters became worse people. Thankfully that wasn't the case.

This Session Is Going To Be Different: Did you know there is an explicit version of this song on Rachel Bloom's Youtube channel just so Dr. Akopian can say, "fucking," instead of "freaking." Why wasn't that the case in last week's "Horny, Angry Tango" like I was thinking? This song had the lyric, "Thank God I don't accept Health Insurance/I charge 250 dollars an hour now," which made me a little sad. Mental Health Treatment is so expensive and hard to find. How is Rebecca paying for all this anyway if she is broke?

This song was funny - especially since the audience knows how terrible of a patient Rebecca was in Dr. Akopian's therapy. Rebecca was not too bad while she worked with Dr. Shin. However, the second she's back with Dr. Akopian, she's is back on her bullshit. Rebecca deludes herself into thinking she is ok with just having sex with Nathaniel while he dates another woman. *sighs* It was sad seeing Rebecca not knowing she deserves love. I hope things with her and Nathaniel don't blow up.

Face Your Fears (Reprise): This song pulled at my heart strings. It also reminded me to be brave. Rebecca sings the original song in season one. In season one, Rebecca was afraid of being abandoned and rejected when she threw her house warming party. It is the same case here. Rebecca is worried that if she decides to truly commit to Nathaniel and then he abandons/rejects her, how will she cope? The only way to cope is to love yourself and deal with those feelings head on.

Valencia is Getting Bi: In the eight month jump - Valencia starts dating a woman! I wish this had been explored more in the show. But it is great that Valencia has found love and moved on from Josh.

Dog Josh: He isn't Max, he is Dog Josh!

Heather's Pregnant: I thought making Heather pregnant was a dumb idea. Thankfully, the eight month jump helped speed things along so I don't have to watch this stupid decision unfold. I talked about why I thought this was an unwise move in my review of the last episode.

Paula and Sunil: I'm glad Sunil's back. I love the platonic chemistry between these two. I also LOVE the joke about how Rebecca and Sunil hate each other even though they have so much in common. Looks like Paula has a friendship type!

I liked this episode because it moved the story along. I hope Rebecca and Nathaniel do work it out. I hope these upcoming episodes don't break my heart.

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