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Is Stella From Life Sentence and The Mother From How I Met Your Mother The Same Person? [CONSPIRACY THEORY]

Is Stella From Life Sentence and The Mother From How I Met Your Mother The Same Person? [CONSPIRACY THEORY]

I don't do a lot of conspiracy theories on my blog as I am a sane and logical person BUT GET THIS. Here are the promo pics from The CW's newest series Life Sentence:

Lucy Hale, aka Stella, is holding a YELLOW UMBRELLA. Long time fans of How I Met Your Mother would recognize this as the timeless symbol of the mysterious and elusive figure in the series known only by the name of "The Mother." For years we questioned, we analyzed, we discussed: Who is The Mother? Have we finally got our answer?

The yellow umbrella was a huge clue introduced in the episode titled, "No Tomorrow." WILD. In my previous post, I was just talking about how Life Sentence and the beloved-but-cancelled-CW-TV-show, No Tomorrow, are so similar with themes of living your life to the fullest. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. THE CW, I AM ON TO YOU.

Anyway, the yellow umbrella belonged to a mysterious woman. The fandom was afloat with theories that stated that the Mother might die by the end of the series which would make Ted and Robin endgame. During How I Met Your Mother's final season, they were given a heartbreaking clue. The Mother remarks in an episode titled, "Vesuvius" , "What mother misses their daughter's wedding?" AND THEN TED LOOKS SAD AND CRIES. I was shook. Everyone was shook. Later on in the season finale, our fears were confirmed. The Mother is sick and dying. Stella WAS sick and dying. TWO YELLOW UMBRELLA LOVERS WHO FACE SICKNESS AND DEATH?  What if the sickness The Mother faces IS cancer? What if these two people are the same EXACT PERSON?

Who is The Mother in How I Met Your Mother?
Later on it is revealed that The Mother is portrayed by Cristin Milioti. She is a cute, petite, brunette girl - guess who else fits that same criteria?!?!?! It's Stella from Life Sentence.  The similarities between these two women cannot be any more obvious.

how I met your mother yellow umbrella life sentence Stella
I know what you are thinking - there are a lot of holes to my theory. You might say, "But The Mother's name is Tracy!!! That's no where near Stella." Or you may say, "If The Mother is Stella then does that mean Ted Mosby is Wes?" Ted did say, "Because... I love you. I'm always gonna love you. 'Til the end of my days, and beyond," in the episode titled, "The Time Travelers." Didn't Wes JUST say that in the pilot of Life Sentence? Wes says, "I was always going to love you for the rest of my life." BOOM. COUNTERED YOUR ARGUMENT.

Life Sentence (The CW) TV Review: We All Face The Danger Of Uncertain Life

As y'all are probably aware, I love The CW's female driven dramedies. I enjoyed No Tomorrow before it got canceled. I did a whole series of posts for my favorite show of ALL TIME Crazy Ex Girlfriend. I watch Jane The Virgin regularly (though I've never posted about it on my blog 🤔). I even watch Riverdale! I'm a CW fan, and that's why I was excited to check out this new show and I really enjoyed it.

When I watched No Tomorrow, I could kind of tell why it got cancelled. I feel like it took some time for No Tomorrow to gain its footing. The earlier episodes were weaker than its later episodes. With Life Sentence, I have a lot of hope. The pilot was great! It was funny, and shocking at the same time. I was shocked when they revealed that Stella's mom was leaving her dad. When they mentioned that and cut to commercial break, I was like, "oh snap, it's about to go down," which is exactly what I want to be feeling during a drama. It made me go: oh, how is everyone going to deal with this new development? I wanted to stay tuned and find out. 

The pilot introduced some interesting characters and relationship dynamics. During the opening scene when Stella and Wes were telling the story of her cancer and how they met, I thought it was really good character development when Wes says, "And she was afraid to die," and Stella says, "Don't say that, I wasn't afraid to die." It shows that their relationship was no equal. It was a great way of SHOWING us that, and not telling us that.

After that scene, I thought that Wes and Stella were sure to break up at least once during this season. Stella and Wes don't really know each other and that can really destroy a relationship. But by the end of the pilot, I changed my mind because it was really sweet and touching when Wes said that he was always going to love her for the rest of his life. They really do love each other. They are willing to work on their relationship like adults. Wes promises to be there for her and that's the best promise there is for a committed relationship. 

What I didn't like about Life Sentence:

  • How did Stella not notice any of the secrets her family were hiding from her? It just doesn't make sense. A tight-knit family all deciding to keep multiple secrets from one member of the family? It's impossible. As said in Lucy Hale's previous show, "Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead." 
  • Also, the way all the secrets came out shows that the family isn't good at keeping secrets. Stella walking in on her mom and her new lover? We know Stella's mom still wanted to keep that a secret. So why now just go kissing someone on your porch in broad daylight? I get that this is a TV show and they had to introduce all the secrets to the audience but still, it doesn't make sense.
  • When Stella threw that party for her doctor, the family had ONE job and that job was to look sane in front of their guest. They could have kept it together. They have been keeping it together for so many years in front of Stella and they couldn't do that for 30 minutes. I call BS that this family can keep any secrets from anyone.
  • I was NOT happy with the reveal that Stella's sister wanted to be a writer. That was out of left field! Is there something wrong with wanting to be successful at your office job? It would have been much cooler for her to balance raising her children and being a success at a high-powered business career. Being a stay at home writer with kids just doesn't break gender stereotypes as much as being a successful business women with kids. When we saw her not enjoying motherhood as much as she thought, I thought breaking gender stereotypes is what the show was going for. Sorta like The Awakening by Kate Chopin. 

The main reason why I loved Life Sentence:

Life Sentence is a deep show. On the surface, it might not look that way but I like what it is trying to say about life, love, and society. In this respect, it is a little similar to No Tomorrow, Both No Tomorrow and Life Sentence explore what it means to live life. Living means both the good, the bad, and the mundane. We are all going to die and no one will live a perfect life before they do (like what Stella was trying to go for). Our relationships will be complex and tough. We will spend days working jobs we don't like wasting the minutes of our limited life. Change and surprises will constantly happen that will throw us off our feet. We have to be strong enough to face whatever life gives us, and brave enough to enjoy both the good and the bad.

Overall, Life Sentence was a good show and I am looking forward to what comes next. I will be watching every Wednesday!

I wrote a joke article titled, Is Stella From Life Sentence and The Mother From How I Met Your Mother The Same Person? [CONSPIRACY THEORY], check it out if you want to read something fun.

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A Girl and A Zombie: DCOM Zombies Review

Disney Channel Original Movie Zombies Review

Two Fridays ago (February 16 2018), Disney Channel premiered it's newest original movie, Zombies. If you have been following me on this blog, you know that I am a 25 year old adult woman. However, I love Disney Channel musicals so I had to check this one out.

When I first heard of the title, "Zombies," I was convinced this was some kids Halloween movie (like Halloweentown). I did ask myself: Why are they showing a Halloween movie in February? I definitly think they should have spent more time thinking of a better name for this movie than "Zombies." Maybe "Zombies, The Musical"? When you think of a Zombie movie, you don't think of kind, benevolent, cured Zombies that fill up most of this movie. I was reading the credits for this movie and I saw that it was based on something called, "Zombies and Cheerleaders," which I would have to agree is a better name. But once I found out Zombies was a musical, I decided I was definitely going to check it out.

I enjoyed this movie. What can I say? I'm a sucker for two cute High School kids falling in love and singing duets. I've been listening to the song, "Someday," on repeat - both the ballad and regular version. Their love is so cute. 

In the song, I love how they acknowledge that they are different and how it attracts them to each other. I also like how they are being silly in the face of adversity. "I'm rooting for us," they sing. The use of lighting and props to be silly and show admiration towards each other is super cool. 

Zed *putting a napkin on*: "Girl, you look delicious. Oh, I mean gorgeous."
Addison: "Well, now you're getting fearless."

I love the playful teasing and witty banter. Also, when he says that he wants to eat her - it's a funny Zombie reference because Zombies eat human brains!

One thing I've noticed about Disney Channel Original Movie Musicals is that there is always something I like to call the "kiss fake-out." This happens a lot - especially in the first movie of a musical series. The two romantic leads are about to kiss but don't. This happened in Descendants, this happened in High School Musical. Disney Channel is so pure - but I love it because it is different and it shows that our leads are attracted to each other on more than a physical level. (Teen Beach Movie never did get us a kiss even in Teen Beach Movie 2!!!). So of course, Zed and Addison don't kiss in this movie. But here's to a Zombies 2?!?!?!! 

In Seabrook High School, cheer-leading is a better sport than Football! I thought that was neat! Also the captain of the squad is a boy which is cool because usually media shows just girls being into cheer-leading.

I like how the movie is saying that we shouldn't exclude people who are different than us. When I hear Zed and Addison sing, "Some day, we could be ordinary," I am moved because in today's society, for the most part, mixed raced couple are allowed to be who they are. 

However, all the symbolism to race relations did bother me because the movie is kinda implying that people of color are similar to zombies which is offensive. Zombies are dangerous monsters in folk-lore and it just seems wrong to compare them to people of color. Zombies has an entire plot line about how there is segregation of schools between humans and zombies. And of course, zombies get less funding and resources for their schools. Sound familiar? It's too similar to events that actually happened in American History. The giant wall in Zombies is so similar to today's discussion of the wall Trump wants to build between the United States and Mexico. I mean it is good that they are saying that discrimination is bad, but something made me feel off about it.

Zombies is a kid's movie so I am willing to let it off the hook. Zombies isn't being super serious and trying to make a comment on society like some other movies are (like Will Smith's Bright which also uses monsters to make a point about race discrimination).  

Zombies is a fun musical which I enjoyed. I liked the look of the movie. It was aesthetically pleasing - the pastels of the cheerleaders, and green, grungy look of the zombies. The dancing and music were fun all around (although, you can guess which song is my favorite). I recommend it to kids, teenagers, and adults who are hopeless romantics like me.

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Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 3 Episode Reviews [COMPLETE]

I have finished another blog series here at Me, Myself, and the Moon!!! I wanted to review EVERY SINGLE episode of Season 3 Crazy Ex Girlfriend.and I succeeded! Thanks for reading my posts and supporting me on this journey. When Season 4, starts up again in October, you bet I'm going to start this all over again.

In the meantime, here are all the posts I have written about Season 3 of Crazy Ex Girlfriend.

Episode Reviews

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Trent?!: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E12 Review
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Nathaniel Is Irrelevant: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E13 Season Finale Review


And finally, if you want to read some of my favorite articles I have written so far that has nothing to do with Crazy Ex Girlfriend here are some suggestions:

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Nathaniel Is Irrelevant: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E13 Season Finale Review

Yesterday, Crazy Ex Girlfriend aired its Season 3 Finale. I actually had plans that Friday (shocking, I know) and missed it and had to wait until today to watch it. I am glad though, because I live near NYC and I heard that NYC viewers missed 15 minutes of the finale! INSANE. I would have been so mad!

Overall, I didn't love this Season 3 finale like I have loved the Season 1 and Season 2 finale. I explain why in my post, Rebecca Bunch Wants To Be Punished But She Needs To Forgive Herself Instead. Please read the post but in summary, I did not like Rebecca pleading guilty to murdering Trent. I hated it so much that I wrote a whole essay about it. That is why in this post, I will be talking about some of the other parts of the episode.

The Miracle Of Birth: Wonderful song, and educational too! Donna Lynne Champlin is an amazing singer, actress, and comedian. She nails the humor in this song and all the notes as well. Women do go through a lot of pain to keep our species alive. We should appreciate it.

Nothing Is Ever Anyone's Fault: Is it wrong for me to say that I agree with this song? I have thought about what Rebecca and Nathaniel are singing many times. If we cannot control our genetics, if we cannot control our environment for 18 years of our life: do we have any control over who we are? I am a logical, analytical mind so I wanted to control for all variables and find out: What is it that makes someone good or bad? Is there some innate morality variable? If two identical twins with the same genes and environment were asked to make a choice between good and evil, I believe 99% of the time, they would make the same choice based on the hand they were dealt in life. Maybe 1% of the time, they would make different choices but WHY?!?!?!?! What caused one to make the kind choice and the other to make the evil choice? What is this variable? Scientifically, it doesn't make sense to me.

Do humans have free will? I can't answer that question. Sometimes I learn towards, "No, humans do not have free will."

What I do think is that it is important for us to BELIEVE we have free will. If we don't believe in free will, we will never have hope that we can change our lives. If we don't believe we have free will, we will continue to do bad things and blame it on our circumstances.

If a person was born with genes that predisposed him to murder, and raised in circumstances that encouraged murder, and then he murders someone, I think he deserves to be punished in the fullest extent of the law. Why? That was the hand he was dealt and he has to accept it.

I digress. This is a difficult topic for me to understand.

Anyway, I love this song! I see it being inspired by the Into The Woods song, "No One Is Alone," because that song also comments on the fabric of society just like "Nothing Is Ever Anyone's Fault."

I enjoyed, "Nothing Is Ever Anyone's Fault," because it was funny and as a Rebecca/Nathaniel shipper, I was pleased they are kinda back together. I feel like the episode title, "Nathaniel Is Irrelevant," is misleading. How is Nathaniel Irrelevant? He is still going to be a part of her life and her trial in Season 4.

Darryl's Baby Is Born: It was cool seeing Heather give birth with so much chill. It gives me hope. As a woman, I am VERY fearful of childbirth.White Josh and Darryl seem to be making amends which is exciting! This baby is truly a group effort. Darryl's child and sperm, Rebecca's egg, and Heather's body created this child. It is a crazy situation. I do hope the baby is able to handle having Rebecca's genes. Maybe with a loving environment, Darryl's genetics, and a pinch of that mysterious "free will" variable, she will!

Trent Falls Off Cliff: I hope he recovers like last time. There are so many parallels between Trent and Rebecca. Even Trent goes back home to his mom! And the writers sprinkled so many past references into this episode. Trent saying he is a, "Scary Sexy Man." George even calls Rebecca, "A Stupid Bitch." Josh gets stopped to change the water cooler. I love all these references for the die-hard fans just like myself! In my opinion, Trent is worse than Rebecca with his harmful actions. However, he is still a human being and I hope he finds a path for redemption. Maybe he can get diagnosed and work on himself too!

Josh punches Nathaniel : When I saw the trailer for, "Nathaniel Is Irrelevant," my biggest question was, "Why does Josh punch Nathaniel?" I'm glad it was because of all the harmful things Nathaniel was going to do to Josh's family. I'm glad Nathaniel got punished for it. I still feel like Nathaniel needs to work on himself and be a better person in Season 4.

Don't forget to read my post on why I didn't like the ending of the episode: Rebecca Bunch Wants To Be Punished But She Needs To Forgive Herself Instead. That post even has a poll that I would love if you answered!

Let me know what you think of the Season 3 finale in the comments. (Also, what do you think of Free Will?)

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Rebecca Bunch Wants To Be Punished But She Needs To Forgive Herself Instead: Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 3 Finale Review

Crazy Ex Girlfriend's Rebecca Bunch Wants To Be Punished But She Needs To Forgive Herself Instead: Season 3 Finale Nathaniel Is Irrelevant Review

I did not like the ending of yesterday's Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 3 Finale. My issue with this episode is that the "Rebecca pleads guilty to killing Trent" plot line didn't make much sense. It is true that Rebecca is guilty of a lot of things - the things she revealed to Nathaniel, Josh, and Paula in her "The Purge" meeting. Rebecca is NOT guilty of attempting to kill Trent. What she did was SELF-DEFENSE. When Nathaniel told Rebecca to plead not guilty due to insanity, I disagreed with him. That wasn't true either. What is true is that Rebecca was stalked by Trent, Trent told her that he was going to kill Nathaniel, and she saw Trent holding the knife up to Nathaniel. Rebecca has done some pretty irrational things in the past but, here, Rebecca's actions were completely logical.

At the end of the episode. Rebecca pleads guilty in court because she wants to be held responsible for her actions. Rebecca believes she has done so many horrible things but she is never punished for what she has done. I disagree with her. Even before the murder trial, Rebecca was being held responsible for her actions. Paula telling Rebecca how hurt and angry she is and then saying they cannot be friends IS punishment for Rebecca's actions. Rebecca's actions always do have consequences. It is just that sometimes people forgive other people and Rebecca has received A LOT of forgiveness.

Take Josh, for example. In that last court room scene, Josh was there to support Rebecca. Rebecca stalked and manipulated Josh multiple times. But I think Josh forgives her. What Rebecca did was ridiculously wrong, and Josh knows it was wrong, but he still keeps her in her life. When you love someone, even as a friend, you sometimes forgive them.

It doesn't mean your friend HAS to forgive you. If your friend says, "I can not be your friend anymore because what you did was so wrong," you have to accept your punishment. But if they say, "You made a mistake. Thanks for apologizing. I accept your apology. I am willing to accept you back into my life as long as you do not make that mistake again," you should accept their forgiveness, work on yourself, and relieve yourself of the guilt.

One thing I love about Crazy Ex Girlfriend is that it is a very complicated show.  Rebecca's actions have been horrendously bad. She has STALKED, MANIPULATED, and KIDNAPPED other humans. Does she deserve forgiveness from her friends, the audience, and herself? Who decides if she deserves forgiveness? Who decides how she should be punished? One thing I know for she is, going to jail for something she didn't do is NOT the answer.

Everyone has flaws, everyone makes mistakes. Friends, Family, and Lovers forgive each other all the time. When you make a mistake, own up to it, apologize to who you have harmed, figure out WHY you did it, work on yourself so you will never do it again, and forgive yourself. Rebecca needs to forgive herself. It's all about self-love!! Rebecca thinks she doesn't deserve the forgiveness her friends have given her. Rebecca has done a lot of bad things, so many people can argue that she doesn't. But I say, Rebecca, follow their example. Follow their love, and forgive yourself.

Please check out what I thought of the rest of the episode here: Nathaniel Is Irrelevant: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E13 Season Finale Review

Please let me know what you think by answering the poll below! Please leave a comment if you want to explain your choice! What was your take-away from the finale?

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Trent?!: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E12 Review

I'm Just A Boy In Love: I have always loved Trent as a character. Of course I don't like him as a human being because he is stalker-ish and scary. But as a character foil to Rebecca, I am glad Trent exists. This episode was a treat with Trent getting his own song which is kinda a reprise of the Season 2 theme song. Trent sings, "I'm Just A Boy In Love." I think it is great that the show likes to remind us it is not just girls who can be crazy in love. Boys can be, and are often, crazy as well. Trent has a very diabolical face (or maybe it is the actor, Paul Welsh's, acting?), But if you do look closer, I guess he is "cute as a button," once you get over the crazy. Especally in that heart shaped suit. In the song, he even points out his chin dimple. HILARIOUS.

Back In Action: Not a very rememberable song. I get it, it's like they are in a buddy comedy but Paula doesn't want to be in the comedy.

A Buttload of Cats: I grinned throughout this number. "You know what the best thing is about being alone, potentially forever." GURRRRL SAME. I also like Rachel Bloom's delivery where she does seem to say the line with humours sadness. Anyway, this song is the perfect song for someone who is sad about their single-ness to sing. Just in time for Valentine's Day. The line about how cat poop can make you crazy was very interesting. The article, in the Atlantic, can be found here. There is also an explicit version of this song called, "A Fuckton of Cats," AND it has an extra, funny scene at the end. Below is a picture from that scene but go watch it for yourself.

love the crazy eyes, as always
Valencia, Beth, and Josh: I like how Beth is honest and kind to Valancia. She allows her to grow, in a gentle way by telling her not to hate her small town history. I also liked how Valencia and Josh bonded in this episode and chipped away, at least a little bit, their past hurts.

Rebecca and Nathaniel: I'm glad Nathaniel is trying to be a better person by moving from their shared office. Mona does seem like a nice girl - though, she is VERY forgiving. As always, I hope Rebecca and Nathaniel find their way to each other. The next episdoe is titled, "Nathaniel is Irrelevant," which worried me. I want them to be end game, but this title makes it sound like that isn't going to happen. There is a little bit of hope. Maybe my intrepretation of "irrelevant" is wrong? Maybe Rebecca's fear of abandonment is irrelevant now so she isn't scared of being in a relationship with Nathaniel? It's a stretch. Also, the trailer for the Season Finale MAKES NO SENSE. THERE ARE NO CLUES IN THE TRAILER??? Who knows what will happen. (I do assume Darryl's baby is born in the season finale).

Trent?!: Seeing Rebecca and Trent wearing matching turtlenecks was HILARIOUS. Also, the warehouse of Rebecca's stuff was creepy.

My greatest problem with this episode was that the pacing wasn't right. Trent just decides to leave and give back the blackmailing information? Just like that? Maybe Trent isn't that horrible? Trent realized Rebecca wasn't really in love with him through the love test, and maybe now he is done for good? My prediction is that in the last few episodes of Season 4, we will see Trent un-crazy. Maybe in Season 4 he will address his issues as well just like Rebecca!

Excited for the Season Finale. It is going to be BONKERS according to the trailer. 

Teen Beach Movie & Teen Beach Movie 2 Review

Listen, Teen Beach Movie 2 came out the year I GRADUATED college. I am a 25 year old woman. Am I too old for Disney Channel Original Movies? THE ANSWER IS NO.

I recently downloaded Teen Beach Movie & Teen Beach Movie 2 and I've got to say I had a wonderful time. The premise of both movies are ridiculous but that's what makes them great. Both movies are fun and don't take themselves too seriously. The songs are great, and the relationships between the characters is sweet. It is truely a wish-fullfilment fantasy story. I want to get sucked into a musical!

I'm a sucker for Disney Channel Musical Movies. High School Musical, Camp Rock, Teen Beach Movie. I eat them all up. If there is new DCOM musical in the future when I am thirty, watch me write a review about that one too!

Some thoughts on Teen Beach Movie & Teen Beach Movie 2's Twist Ending.

  • I was SHOOK by the ending of Teen Beach Movie 2. Mack and Brady's love story never happened!! But they are MEANT TO BE so they instantly connect through the now Lela, Queen of The Beach Movie.
  • A lot of people hated the ending. I thought it was pretty cool. I understand why they did it - to highlight the paralells. Plus, this was the only way Lela would be able to live her dream life.
  • One problem with the ending of Teen Beach Movie 2 is that in Teen Beach Movie, Mack decides to not move and transfer to private school thanks to Mack and Brady's adventure in Wet Side Story. Now that wouldn't have happened so how does Mack still go to the same school as Brady? Should Mack have been whisked away to private school? My own head cannon is that Mack would have listened to her heart regardless of the Wet Side Story adventure. She would have realized private school wasn't the right choice and stayed all by herself.
  • Do you mean to tell me that Brady wouldn't be obsessed with the feminist version of Wet Side Story? IDK....Brady's a woke guy. Why couldn't he be obsessed with Lela, Queen of The Beach Movie? And then Mack and Brady meet the same way again?
  • I love the "Fallin' For Ya," and, "Mean To Be." songs. They are also the most romantic songs. Gosh, I love romantic musicals.
  • I hope there is a Teen Beach Movie 3 but it does not look likely.
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Nathaniel and I Are Just Friends!: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E11 Review

When I first saw the trailer for this episode, I assumed it would be a fun, light-hearted episode. Rebecca and Nathaniel having a lot of sneaky, funny sex. But I was wrong.

I had a lot of anxiety during this episode but I wasn't too sure why. I think it was the 8 month time jump. Seeing all these characters facing the same problems they had 8 months ago caused me to worry. Rebecca was still having sex with Nathaniel, Paula was still feuding with her coworkers, White Josh was still trying to fill the whole inside of him after Darryl left. I was worried if during the eight months, all of these characters became worse people. Thankfully that wasn't the case.

This Session Is Going To Be Different: Did you know there is an explicit version of this song on Rachel Bloom's Youtube channel just so Dr. Akopian can say, "fucking," instead of "freaking." Why wasn't that the case in last week's "Horny, Angry Tango" like I was thinking? This song had the lyric, "Thank God I don't accept Health Insurance/I charge 250 dollars an hour now," which made me a little sad. Mental Health Treatment is so expensive and hard to find. How is Rebecca paying for all this anyway if she is broke?

This song was funny - especially since the audience knows how terrible of a patient Rebecca was in Dr. Akopian's therapy. Rebecca was not too bad while she worked with Dr. Shin. However, the second she's back with Dr. Akopian, she's is back on her bullshit. Rebecca deludes herself into thinking she is ok with just having sex with Nathaniel while he dates another woman. *sighs* It was sad seeing Rebecca not knowing she deserves love. I hope things with her and Nathaniel don't blow up.

Face Your Fears (Reprise): This song pulled at my heart strings. It also reminded me to be brave. Rebecca sings the original song in season one. In season one, Rebecca was afraid of being abandoned and rejected when she threw her house warming party. It is the same case here. Rebecca is worried that if she decides to truly commit to Nathaniel and then he abandons/rejects her, how will she cope? The only way to cope is to love yourself and deal with those feelings head on.

Valencia is Getting Bi: In the eight month jump - Valencia starts dating a woman! I wish this had been explored more in the show. But it is great that Valencia has found love and moved on from Josh.

Dog Josh: He isn't Max, he is Dog Josh!

Heather's Pregnant: I thought making Heather pregnant was a dumb idea. Thankfully, the eight month jump helped speed things along so I don't have to watch this stupid decision unfold. I talked about why I thought this was an unwise move in my review of the last episode.

Paula and Sunil: I'm glad Sunil's back. I love the platonic chemistry between these two. I also LOVE the joke about how Rebecca and Sunil hate each other even though they have so much in common. Looks like Paula has a friendship type!

I liked this episode because it moved the story along. I hope Rebecca and Nathaniel do work it out. I hope these upcoming episodes don't break my heart.

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The Greatest Showman Reaction: A Wholesome Movie About Love, Family, and Being Okay With Being Different

A few weeks ago, I watched The Greatest Showman and I just want to say it's an AMAZING movie. The songs are unique, intense, and wonderful. I've been listening (and crying) to the soundtrack on Spotify for a week now. It's such a wholesome movie about love, family, and being okay with being different.
The same people who wrote the songs for La La Land wrote the songs for this movie, but I've got to say they did a much better job with this one. Maybe because the singing talent was greater with this one. Maybe because these songs are upbeat and never boring.
Also, when young Hugh Jackman stole the loaf of bread, I was like "LES MIS REFERENCE: but no one else agreed with me?????

Zac Efron and Zendaya reminded me of the good old High School Musical days. They cast their characters well.

"Never Enough," the song that was sung by one of the antagonists of the show was moving and beautiful. Although, that woman did try to hit on a married man (but I do think P.T Barnum led her on!). Loren Allred, the woman who sang, "Never Enough," was AMAZING even though I have never heard her name before.

While I was watching this movie, I couldn't help but think: How many movies are rated PG and are this good? The Greatest Showman is a movie that all ages can appreciate. It didn't have sex at all (it did have a little bit of violence though). I LOVED how wholesome the movie was. The bonds of family love was strong. Seeing Hugh Jackman be so loving to his daughters was great.

UGH, such a good movie. The sound track is AMAZING. It is a really great movie to see in theaters. The only reason why I wanted to watch this move in the first place was because on Christmas Day, my family went to see Pitch Perfect in theaters. Pitch Perfect (also a good movie!) and The Greatest Showman ended around the same time. There was a bunch of teenagers singing the songs of The Greatest Showman loud and proud as they exited their theater and they seemed like they were having SUCH A GOOD TIME. No advertisements, no movie trailers - just a bunch of teenagers having an amazing time is what convinced me to watch this movie.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Reaction: I can see why the Reylo shippers are happy.

A few weeks ago, I watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi!!! And so I wanted to talk about it.

1) I was very stressed watching this movie. In the last movie, when Han died, I was SHOCKED. That’s why, during this movie, I was constantly worried someone was going to die. And our heroes did face so many near death experiences. It was even worse because I assumed Leia was going to die because Carrie Fisher passed away. And she hung out with Poe SO MUCH that I freaked out every time they were together.

2) I feel like if I re-watched this movie I would enjoy it more. I would enjoy the action and the death defying situations because I know everyone makes it out alive at the end.

3) It was great how they had already filmed all the Leia scenes!! The director did include a lot of Leia-dying fake-outs. I wonder how they will include Leia’s death in the next movie. Interesting, how the only person in the original trio who is alive is Leia and she’s the only one in real life who died.

4) The fact that Luke thought, even for a second, that he would kill his nephew makes me sad. :-(

5) I could never be a Jedi. I feel too betrayed by the dark side of the force. I keep trying, but failing, to find peace with it…but I cannot.

6) I liked how there were so many women in leadership positions!! When General Leia was injured - another woman made a motivating speech. And then she announced the second in command and it was another woman!! I loved it! I also loved how all these women were older…I know how allergic Hollywood is when it comes to casting middle-aged or older women.

7) This episode was a win for the good guys! Snoke died! And we all know Kylo Ren is going to be a terrible leader. I’ve read too much of the Emo Kylo Ren Twitter to think otherwise.

8) The coolest part was when Snoke THOUGHT Kylo Ren was going to kill Rey but instead he kills Snoke!! And then Kylo Ren and Rey team up and fight together side by side??? That was WILD.

9) ……….But then Kylo Ren goes back to being a bad guy as expected.

10) GROSS, I can see why the Reylo shippers are happy.

11) My SECOND favorite part was when Kylo Ren goes bonkers and wants to shoot all the guns at Luke. And then, afterwards, Hux is like “Do you think he’s dead yet?” all sarcastically.

11) I liked The Last Jedi. A lot of people didn’t because of the assassination of Luke’s character…but you know, I’m a fake fan so that was ok for me. Overall, the movie was very high quality in terms of the action and suspense.

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Oh Nathaniel, It's On!: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E10 Review

Last Friday's episode was great! It's so much fun seeing Rebecca and Nathaniel fight. They have a natural chemistry that is really entertaining to watch.

He's The New Guy: I LOVED THIS MUSICAL NUMBER. It was a reprise of the meta musical number from Season 2 called, "Who's The New Guy?" In both songs, the characters say some pretty meta things and then try to explain away why they said that meta thing. My favorite one from this episode was, "Just because he became a Season Regular and by Season Regular, I mean he eats bran in the Spring." This joke has LEVELS.

I also like how the song criticized their own show. "Reformed by a quirky girl at work," is something many people say about Nathaniel changing for Rebecca and how it is a romantic comedy cliche. The joke, "Doesn't mean the show is now called 'Rich and Pompous Lawyer'" is also addressing a criticism. A LOT of people don't like the Rebecca/Nathaniel drama. I do, of course. But other people want her to do something else instead of obsessing over another boy now that she is over Josh.

Also, I thought it was funny when Rebecca sang, "Screw the new guy, Well, I did that." LOL I like how she throws that casually into the conversation.

Rebecca's pronunciations of reprise was eye-catching. I was just thinking, Rebecca likes to be dramatic and talk like a 40s detective so of course she would pronounce "reprise" in the most extra way possible. (I'm not 100% sure, but I think I have heard Rachel Bloom pronounce it as re-prize in the past so this is probably another wonderful detail in the characterization of Rebecca).

Horny, Angry Tango: Rachel Bloom and Scott Michael Foster are both really good dancers. Tango seems like a hard dance to master. When they sing, "I wanna fight. I wanna bang," I was convinced there would be an explicit version where they would sing, "I wanna fight, I wanna f**k," - more alliteration that way. The horizontal tango had me fooled and then we then found out they were leaning on the wall. The judge was playing the accordion!

I liked how much sexual tension there was between Rebecca and Nathaniel in the court room. That moment where they were talking Lawyer-speak to each other but the camera angles and their facial expression and their voice screamed that they just wanted to jump each others bones.

Heather Finding Herself: I liked how the episode showed Heather's journey in figuring out her career. In my experience, trying different things and seeing what you like/dislike is the best way to figure out what you want to do. Heather found out the corporate job wasn't for her. But that job helped her identify the things she did want. She wanted to see her smart ideas being implemented, but the corporate life wasn't for her. So then she went out and asked for the job she wanted. It was a wonderful story line about Heather finding herself and the next direction for her life. I hope Josh is next in finding himself.

Heather Being Darryl's Surrogate Is a Bad Idea: I don't know what the Crazy Ex Girlfriend writers were thinking when they put this in the story line. Heather is moving forward in her life. She has a hunch in what is a good career for her. She just moved in with her boyfriend. She isn't stable enough to also take on being pregnant? Why would she choose to be pregnant for nine months on a whim like that? It's a BIG decision. She doesn't even gain anything for herself. She doesn't NEED money - she just got a good job. She's just doing it as a favor to Darryl who she isn't even that close to? Makes no sense.

You know how Nathaniel barges into Rebecca's house and says, "You're suing me? Are you crazy?" and then they play the first part of the theme song - the part that is "Crazy In Revenge." Well, the theme song has 4 parts and if you include this episode, there are 4 episodes left in this season. How cool would it be that for each other remaining 3 episodes, they do that again!?!?! Like in the next episode, they can lead up to the, "Crazy In Love," part of the theme song and so on for the rest of the episodes. (I explain the four parts of the theme song in my article, The 4 Types of Crazy as told by the Season 3 Crazy Ex Girlfriend Theme Song.) Just an idea.

Some Other Thoughts:

  • Garfunkel Ring is a fake! Shocking!
  • The return of BJ Novak, Dr. Phill, and Audra Lavine's husband.
  • Heather always wants to talk about her life but Rebecca NEVER listens. I wonder if they will ever address Rebecca's selfishness. But Rebecca is going through a thing!! I feel like Rebecca is ALWAYS going through a thing. She is still in pain with her mental disorder. 😞
  • It was cute in a sad way that Nathaniel was trying to make Rebecca jealous with his new girlfriend. It's sad that Nathaniel will never be able to enjoy Raging Waters with Rebecca. But maybe he can suck it up one day and go with Rebecca for Rebecca's sake. 
  • I was also thinking it was a low blow when Nathaniel called Rebecca, "crazy." She just attempted suicide. I mean, come on man!

Some of my other favorite jokes:

Maya: "He patted me on the head yesterday. Although, he may have just been trying to stand up." As a short person, gurrrl SAME.

Tim explaining how much he loves Shania Twain and then Jim saying, "That don't impress me much!"

Rebecca: "That's Gloria"
Nathaniel: "Estefan?"
Rebecca: "No, Steinem and you knew that."
It is hilarious if Nathaniel said that JUST to mess with Rebecca.

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Every Song Off Camila Cabello's debut album Camila RANKED [Track-by-Track Review]

Camila Cabello recently released her new album, "Camila," and I AM DIGGING IT. I was never obsessed with Fifth Harmony or Camila Cabello but I've always like their songs. I've liked EVERY one of Camila's singles so far!!! "I Have Questions," and "OMG," and, "Crying In The Club," and of course, "Havana." So when I picked up her album (on Spotify) on my drive to work I was surprised I liked it right away! Many times, I don't like albums right away...sometimes albums have to grow on me. That wasn't the case here. I realized I have tracks that are clear winners and losers so I decided to write this review.

So here is track by track ranking of every song off of, Camila the album by Camila Cabello.

10) All These Years

Why do I not like this song? Maybe because it comes after the INSANE BOB, "Never Be The Same," on the album so I get disappointed by the lack of emotion or exciting music.

Also, it starts off with her describing her ex-boyfriend's more muscly arms and longer hair which makes me think wow, she is good at noticing the details. My crush shaved his beard once and his guy friends were commenting on it and I was like, "oh? he had a beard all this time?" I am not great with observations.

I guess I just get bored with this song. Where's the emotion? "I still feel everything when you are near" Yeah, but what do you feel? Please describe. "You're still the one I'm after all these years." Why is he the one? What makes him special? What exactly does he make you feel that makes him the one? Please describe.

9) Consequences

This is a ballad and I have a very low attention span. Mostly, this song doesn't make me FEEL anything. A good ballad should rip my heart out and throw it into the Atlantic Ocean. A good example is Taylor Swift's "All Too Well" which has numerous heart-wrenching lines. I do like how she rhymes such a big word like, "Consequences," which both "defenses" and "senses." My problem with this song is the same as, "All These Years," she is TELLING, not SHOWING. Young, and wild, and free and cool, and hot, and sweet - these are all adjectives. Show me HOW he made you feel these things through the poetry of your song.

8) She Loves Control

I like how this song sounds. It sounds fun and dangerous. Like Camila, I also think about my own relationship with control and how I should let go and relax. This song isn't about that though. Here, Camila is telling a boy to let go and enjoy the a girl's control. Camila feels powerful by embracing her need for control. I guess the themes of control and letting go could be construed as sexy.

7) Real Friends

I have already talked about my love for this song in my blog post Camila Cabello's Real Friends and the Lonely Symbolism of the Moon.This song is different from a lot of the others because it's about FRIENDSHIP, a topic that isn't talked about a lot in pop radio. Camila has gone through a lot with her Fifth Harmony drama. I feels her. Every girl feels her when they listen to her lament that her friends might not be her real friends. Every person can relate to trusting people and being let down. The emotions feel so REAL with this song.

6) Something's Gotta Give

This song is so high on the list because of ONE line that I LOVED  loved l0V3d. That line is: "No reason to stay is a good reason to go." GURRRRL, that is so true!! That one line is so emotional and so relateable. And she sings it with everything she has! Maybe best line on the album.

I also like, "If it didn't kill me, then I'm half alive." That's a jarring line. The usual cliche line is "If it didn't kill me, it made me stronger." Here she subverts that and makes us feel her pain by saying "no - it didn't make me feel stronger - it made me feel HALF ALIVE." Deep and gut-wrenching.

5) In the Dark

I like the musical and lyrical content of this song. Musically, it's a nice flowy song. Lyrically, Camila is encouraging the guy she likes to be vulnerable and open up to her. The word, "Dark," could have a double meaning. "Who are you in dark?" could imply sex which sometimes is equated to intimacy. "Dark," can also mean, "Who are you when things get rough/sad?" She is asking for emotional intimacy that comes with being yourself completely with someone.

4) Inside Out

This song sounds fun and playful! Camila wants to know who her crush is on the inside which is a sweet sentiment that isn't talked about in pop music. It's a fun, crush song. I also like how she sings in Spanish in this song. "De Miami a México, esta cosa se prendió, baby."

3) Into It

Also a fun, crush song which is one of my favorite types of music. It just makes you happy and hopeful. "Whatever trouble that you're thinking, I could get into it." These lyrics make the relationship fun and filled with passion. Camila is down to go one fun adventures with this new boy. This song reminds me of Ariana Grande's "Into You," - probably because the title is similar and both are high-quality crush songs.

2) Never Be The Same

Camila Cabello does SUCH a good job picking singles. THIS SONG IS A BOP. You are never bored with this song. I like how high her register is when she sings, "NICOTINE HEROINE MORPHINE." It's interesting how in the radio edit, "heroine" and, "morphine" are taken out...probably because they are a MUCH harder drug than nicotine. LOL. This song is another example of a fun, crush song, but this one is filled with intense passion which I LOVE. 

1) Havana 

It was obvious I was going to pick Havana as the NUMBER ONE song, wasn't it? Especially since I already wrote about it in my blog post, The Top 10 BEST Songs of 2017.

I'd say this song is fun in the way fantasizing is fun. This song is about Camila going to Havana, Cuba and finding an AWESOME man. But unfortunately, she had to leave him behind. Now all she has is memories of him. It sometimes sounds like a fantasy - did she really meet such a cool dude? Or is she just imagining meeting and having an intense, short, passionate love affair? IDK...but it's fun to imagine with her.

This song is Number #1, because it's a passionate, fun, danceable BOP.

Let me know what your ranking of Camila's new album would be in the comments! Do you agree or disagree with me?