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Oh Nathaniel, It's On!: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E10 Review

Last Friday's episode was great! It's so much fun seeing Rebecca and Nathaniel fight. They have a natural chemistry that is really entertaining to watch.

He's The New Guy: I LOVED THIS MUSICAL NUMBER. It was a reprise of the meta musical number from Season 2 called, "Who's The New Guy?" In both songs, the characters say some pretty meta things and then try to explain away why they said that meta thing. My favorite one from this episode was, "Just because he became a Season Regular and by Season Regular, I mean he eats bran in the Spring." This joke has LEVELS.

I also like how the song criticized their own show. "Reformed by a quirky girl at work," is something many people say about Nathaniel changing for Rebecca and how it is a romantic comedy cliche. The joke, "Doesn't mean the show is now called 'Rich and Pompous Lawyer'" is also addressing a criticism. A LOT of people don't like the Rebecca/Nathaniel drama. I do, of course. But other people want her to do something else instead of obsessing over another boy now that she is over Josh.

Also, I thought it was funny when Rebecca sang, "Screw the new guy, Well, I did that." LOL I like how she throws that casually into the conversation.

Rebecca's pronunciations of reprise was eye-catching. I was just thinking, Rebecca likes to be dramatic and talk like a 40s detective so of course she would pronounce "reprise" in the most extra way possible. (I'm not 100% sure, but I think I have heard Rachel Bloom pronounce it as re-prize in the past so this is probably another wonderful detail in the characterization of Rebecca).

Horny, Angry Tango: Rachel Bloom and Scott Michael Foster are both really good dancers. Tango seems like a hard dance to master. When they sing, "I wanna fight. I wanna bang," I was convinced there would be an explicit version where they would sing, "I wanna fight, I wanna f**k," - more alliteration that way. The horizontal tango had me fooled and then we then found out they were leaning on the wall. The judge was playing the accordion!

I liked how much sexual tension there was between Rebecca and Nathaniel in the court room. That moment where they were talking Lawyer-speak to each other but the camera angles and their facial expression and their voice screamed that they just wanted to jump each others bones.

Heather Finding Herself: I liked how the episode showed Heather's journey in figuring out her career. In my experience, trying different things and seeing what you like/dislike is the best way to figure out what you want to do. Heather found out the corporate job wasn't for her. But that job helped her identify the things she did want. She wanted to see her smart ideas being implemented, but the corporate life wasn't for her. So then she went out and asked for the job she wanted. It was a wonderful story line about Heather finding herself and the next direction for her life. I hope Josh is next in finding himself.

Heather Being Darryl's Surrogate Is a Bad Idea: I don't know what the Crazy Ex Girlfriend writers were thinking when they put this in the story line. Heather is moving forward in her life. She has a hunch in what is a good career for her. She just moved in with her boyfriend. She isn't stable enough to also take on being pregnant? Why would she choose to be pregnant for nine months on a whim like that? It's a BIG decision. She doesn't even gain anything for herself. She doesn't NEED money - she just got a good job. She's just doing it as a favor to Darryl who she isn't even that close to? Makes no sense.

You know how Nathaniel barges into Rebecca's house and says, "You're suing me? Are you crazy?" and then they play the first part of the theme song - the part that is "Crazy In Revenge." Well, the theme song has 4 parts and if you include this episode, there are 4 episodes left in this season. How cool would it be that for each other remaining 3 episodes, they do that again!?!?! Like in the next episode, they can lead up to the, "Crazy In Love," part of the theme song and so on for the rest of the episodes. (I explain the four parts of the theme song in my article, The 4 Types of Crazy as told by the Season 3 Crazy Ex Girlfriend Theme Song.) Just an idea.

Some Other Thoughts:

  • Garfunkel Ring is a fake! Shocking!
  • The return of BJ Novak, Dr. Phill, and Audra Lavine's husband.
  • Heather always wants to talk about her life but Rebecca NEVER listens. I wonder if they will ever address Rebecca's selfishness. But Rebecca is going through a thing!! I feel like Rebecca is ALWAYS going through a thing. She is still in pain with her mental disorder. 😞
  • It was cute in a sad way that Nathaniel was trying to make Rebecca jealous with his new girlfriend. It's sad that Nathaniel will never be able to enjoy Raging Waters with Rebecca. But maybe he can suck it up one day and go with Rebecca for Rebecca's sake. 
  • I was also thinking it was a low blow when Nathaniel called Rebecca, "crazy." She just attempted suicide. I mean, come on man!

Some of my other favorite jokes:

Maya: "He patted me on the head yesterday. Although, he may have just been trying to stand up." As a short person, gurrrl SAME.

Tim explaining how much he loves Shania Twain and then Jim saying, "That don't impress me much!"

Rebecca: "That's Gloria"
Nathaniel: "Estefan?"
Rebecca: "No, Steinem and you knew that."
It is hilarious if Nathaniel said that JUST to mess with Rebecca.

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