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Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 3 Episode Reviews [COMPLETE]

I have finished another blog series here at Me, Myself, and the Moon!!! I wanted to review EVERY SINGLE episode of Season 3 Crazy Ex Girlfriend.and I succeeded! Thanks for reading my posts and supporting me on this journey. When Season 4, starts up again in October, you bet I'm going to start this all over again.

In the meantime, here are all the posts I have written about Season 3 of Crazy Ex Girlfriend.

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Nathaniel Is Irrelevant: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E13 Season Finale Review

Yesterday, Crazy Ex Girlfriend aired its Season 3 Finale. I actually had plans that Friday (shocking, I know) and missed it and had to wait until today to watch it. I am glad though, because I live near NYC and I heard that NYC viewers missed 15 minutes of the finale! INSANE. I would have been so mad!

Overall, I didn't love this Season 3 finale like I have loved the Season 1 and Season 2 finale. I explain why in my post, Rebecca Bunch Wants To Be Punished But She Needs To Forgive Herself Instead. Please read the post but in summary, I did not like Rebecca pleading guilty to murdering Trent. I hated it so much that I wrote a whole essay about it. That is why in this post, I will be talking about some of the other parts of the episode.

The Miracle Of Birth: Wonderful song, and educational too! Donna Lynne Champlin is an amazing singer, actress, and comedian. She nails the humor in this song and all the notes as well. Women do go through a lot of pain to keep our species alive. We should appreciate it.

Nothing Is Ever Anyone's Fault: Is it wrong for me to say that I agree with this song? I have thought about what Rebecca and Nathaniel are singing many times. If we cannot control our genetics, if we cannot control our environment for 18 years of our life: do we have any control over who we are? I am a logical, analytical mind so I wanted to control for all variables and find out: What is it that makes someone good or bad? Is there some innate morality variable? If two identical twins with the same genes and environment were asked to make a choice between good and evil, I believe 99% of the time, they would make the same choice based on the hand they were dealt in life. Maybe 1% of the time, they would make different choices but WHY?!?!?!?! What caused one to make the kind choice and the other to make the evil choice? What is this variable? Scientifically, it doesn't make sense to me.

Do humans have free will? I can't answer that question. Sometimes I learn towards, "No, humans do not have free will."

What I do think is that it is important for us to BELIEVE we have free will. If we don't believe in free will, we will never have hope that we can change our lives. If we don't believe we have free will, we will continue to do bad things and blame it on our circumstances.

If a person was born with genes that predisposed him to murder, and raised in circumstances that encouraged murder, and then he murders someone, I think he deserves to be punished in the fullest extent of the law. Why? That was the hand he was dealt and he has to accept it.

I digress. This is a difficult topic for me to understand.

Anyway, I love this song! I see it being inspired by the Into The Woods song, "No One Is Alone," because that song also comments on the fabric of society just like "Nothing Is Ever Anyone's Fault."

I enjoyed, "Nothing Is Ever Anyone's Fault," because it was funny and as a Rebecca/Nathaniel shipper, I was pleased they are kinda back together. I feel like the episode title, "Nathaniel Is Irrelevant," is misleading. How is Nathaniel Irrelevant? He is still going to be a part of her life and her trial in Season 4.

Darryl's Baby Is Born: It was cool seeing Heather give birth with so much chill. It gives me hope. As a woman, I am VERY fearful of childbirth.White Josh and Darryl seem to be making amends which is exciting! This baby is truly a group effort. Darryl's child and sperm, Rebecca's egg, and Heather's body created this child. It is a crazy situation. I do hope the baby is able to handle having Rebecca's genes. Maybe with a loving environment, Darryl's genetics, and a pinch of that mysterious "free will" variable, she will!

Trent Falls Off Cliff: I hope he recovers like last time. There are so many parallels between Trent and Rebecca. Even Trent goes back home to his mom! And the writers sprinkled so many past references into this episode. Trent saying he is a, "Scary Sexy Man." George even calls Rebecca, "A Stupid Bitch." Josh gets stopped to change the water cooler. I love all these references for the die-hard fans just like myself! In my opinion, Trent is worse than Rebecca with his harmful actions. However, he is still a human being and I hope he finds a path for redemption. Maybe he can get diagnosed and work on himself too!

Josh punches Nathaniel : When I saw the trailer for, "Nathaniel Is Irrelevant," my biggest question was, "Why does Josh punch Nathaniel?" I'm glad it was because of all the harmful things Nathaniel was going to do to Josh's family. I'm glad Nathaniel got punished for it. I still feel like Nathaniel needs to work on himself and be a better person in Season 4.

Don't forget to read my post on why I didn't like the ending of the episode: Rebecca Bunch Wants To Be Punished But She Needs To Forgive Herself Instead. That post even has a poll that I would love if you answered!

Let me know what you think of the Season 3 finale in the comments. (Also, what do you think of Free Will?)

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Rebecca Bunch Wants To Be Punished But She Needs To Forgive Herself Instead: Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 3 Finale Review

Crazy Ex Girlfriend's Rebecca Bunch Wants To Be Punished But She Needs To Forgive Herself Instead: Season 3 Finale Nathaniel Is Irrelevant Review

I did not like the ending of yesterday's Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 3 Finale. My issue with this episode is that the "Rebecca pleads guilty to killing Trent" plot line didn't make much sense. It is true that Rebecca is guilty of a lot of things - the things she revealed to Nathaniel, Josh, and Paula in her "The Purge" meeting. Rebecca is NOT guilty of attempting to kill Trent. What she did was SELF-DEFENSE. When Nathaniel told Rebecca to plead not guilty due to insanity, I disagreed with him. That wasn't true either. What is true is that Rebecca was stalked by Trent, Trent told her that he was going to kill Nathaniel, and she saw Trent holding the knife up to Nathaniel. Rebecca has done some pretty irrational things in the past but, here, Rebecca's actions were completely logical.

At the end of the episode. Rebecca pleads guilty in court because she wants to be held responsible for her actions. Rebecca believes she has done so many horrible things but she is never punished for what she has done. I disagree with her. Even before the murder trial, Rebecca was being held responsible for her actions. Paula telling Rebecca how hurt and angry she is and then saying they cannot be friends IS punishment for Rebecca's actions. Rebecca's actions always do have consequences. It is just that sometimes people forgive other people and Rebecca has received A LOT of forgiveness.

Take Josh, for example. In that last court room scene, Josh was there to support Rebecca. Rebecca stalked and manipulated Josh multiple times. But I think Josh forgives her. What Rebecca did was ridiculously wrong, and Josh knows it was wrong, but he still keeps her in her life. When you love someone, even as a friend, you sometimes forgive them.

It doesn't mean your friend HAS to forgive you. If your friend says, "I can not be your friend anymore because what you did was so wrong," you have to accept your punishment. But if they say, "You made a mistake. Thanks for apologizing. I accept your apology. I am willing to accept you back into my life as long as you do not make that mistake again," you should accept their forgiveness, work on yourself, and relieve yourself of the guilt.

One thing I love about Crazy Ex Girlfriend is that it is a very complicated show.  Rebecca's actions have been horrendously bad. She has STALKED, MANIPULATED, and KIDNAPPED other humans. Does she deserve forgiveness from her friends, the audience, and herself? Who decides if she deserves forgiveness? Who decides how she should be punished? One thing I know for she is, going to jail for something she didn't do is NOT the answer.

Everyone has flaws, everyone makes mistakes. Friends, Family, and Lovers forgive each other all the time. When you make a mistake, own up to it, apologize to who you have harmed, figure out WHY you did it, work on yourself so you will never do it again, and forgive yourself. Rebecca needs to forgive herself. It's all about self-love!! Rebecca thinks she doesn't deserve the forgiveness her friends have given her. Rebecca has done a lot of bad things, so many people can argue that she doesn't. But I say, Rebecca, follow their example. Follow their love, and forgive yourself.

Please check out what I thought of the rest of the episode here: Nathaniel Is Irrelevant: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E13 Season Finale Review

Please let me know what you think by answering the poll below! Please leave a comment if you want to explain your choice! What was your take-away from the finale?

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Trent?!: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E12 Review

I'm Just A Boy In Love: I have always loved Trent as a character. Of course I don't like him as a human being because he is stalker-ish and scary. But as a character foil to Rebecca, I am glad Trent exists. This episode was a treat with Trent getting his own song which is kinda a reprise of the Season 2 theme song. Trent sings, "I'm Just A Boy In Love." I think it is great that the show likes to remind us it is not just girls who can be crazy in love. Boys can be, and are often, crazy as well. Trent has a very diabolical face (or maybe it is the actor, Paul Welsh's, acting?), But if you do look closer, I guess he is "cute as a button," once you get over the crazy. Especally in that heart shaped suit. In the song, he even points out his chin dimple. HILARIOUS.

Back In Action: Not a very rememberable song. I get it, it's like they are in a buddy comedy but Paula doesn't want to be in the comedy.

A Buttload of Cats: I grinned throughout this number. "You know what the best thing is about being alone, potentially forever." GURRRRL SAME. I also like Rachel Bloom's delivery where she does seem to say the line with humours sadness. Anyway, this song is the perfect song for someone who is sad about their single-ness to sing. Just in time for Valentine's Day. The line about how cat poop can make you crazy was very interesting. The article, in the Atlantic, can be found here. There is also an explicit version of this song called, "A Fuckton of Cats," AND it has an extra, funny scene at the end. Below is a picture from that scene but go watch it for yourself.

love the crazy eyes, as always
Valencia, Beth, and Josh: I like how Beth is honest and kind to Valancia. She allows her to grow, in a gentle way by telling her not to hate her small town history. I also liked how Valencia and Josh bonded in this episode and chipped away, at least a little bit, their past hurts.

Rebecca and Nathaniel: I'm glad Nathaniel is trying to be a better person by moving from their shared office. Mona does seem like a nice girl - though, she is VERY forgiving. As always, I hope Rebecca and Nathaniel find their way to each other. The next episdoe is titled, "Nathaniel is Irrelevant," which worried me. I want them to be end game, but this title makes it sound like that isn't going to happen. There is a little bit of hope. Maybe my intrepretation of "irrelevant" is wrong? Maybe Rebecca's fear of abandonment is irrelevant now so she isn't scared of being in a relationship with Nathaniel? It's a stretch. Also, the trailer for the Season Finale MAKES NO SENSE. THERE ARE NO CLUES IN THE TRAILER??? Who knows what will happen. (I do assume Darryl's baby is born in the season finale).

Trent?!: Seeing Rebecca and Trent wearing matching turtlenecks was HILARIOUS. Also, the warehouse of Rebecca's stuff was creepy.

My greatest problem with this episode was that the pacing wasn't right. Trent just decides to leave and give back the blackmailing information? Just like that? Maybe Trent isn't that horrible? Trent realized Rebecca wasn't really in love with him through the love test, and maybe now he is done for good? My prediction is that in the last few episodes of Season 4, we will see Trent un-crazy. Maybe in Season 4 he will address his issues as well just like Rebecca!

Excited for the Season Finale. It is going to be BONKERS according to the trailer. 

Teen Beach Movie & Teen Beach Movie 2 Review

Listen, Teen Beach Movie 2 came out the year I GRADUATED college. I am a 25 year old woman. Am I too old for Disney Channel Original Movies? THE ANSWER IS NO.

I recently downloaded Teen Beach Movie & Teen Beach Movie 2 and I've got to say I had a wonderful time. The premise of both movies are ridiculous but that's what makes them great. Both movies are fun and don't take themselves too seriously. The songs are great, and the relationships between the characters is sweet. It is truely a wish-fullfilment fantasy story. I want to get sucked into a musical!

I'm a sucker for Disney Channel Musical Movies. High School Musical, Camp Rock, Teen Beach Movie. I eat them all up. If there is new DCOM musical in the future when I am thirty, watch me write a review about that one too!

Some thoughts on Teen Beach Movie & Teen Beach Movie 2's Twist Ending.

  • I was SHOOK by the ending of Teen Beach Movie 2. Mack and Brady's love story never happened!! But they are MEANT TO BE so they instantly connect through the now Lela, Queen of The Beach Movie.
  • A lot of people hated the ending. I thought it was pretty cool. I understand why they did it - to highlight the paralells. Plus, this was the only way Lela would be able to live her dream life.
  • One problem with the ending of Teen Beach Movie 2 is that in Teen Beach Movie, Mack decides to not move and transfer to private school thanks to Mack and Brady's adventure in Wet Side Story. Now that wouldn't have happened so how does Mack still go to the same school as Brady? Should Mack have been whisked away to private school? My own head cannon is that Mack would have listened to her heart regardless of the Wet Side Story adventure. She would have realized private school wasn't the right choice and stayed all by herself.
  • Do you mean to tell me that Brady wouldn't be obsessed with the feminist version of Wet Side Story? IDK....Brady's a woke guy. Why couldn't he be obsessed with Lela, Queen of The Beach Movie? And then Mack and Brady meet the same way again?
  • I love the "Fallin' For Ya," and, "Mean To Be." songs. They are also the most romantic songs. Gosh, I love romantic musicals.
  • I hope there is a Teen Beach Movie 3 but it does not look likely.
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