Friday, February 2, 2018

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Reaction: I can see why the Reylo shippers are happy.

A few weeks ago, I watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi!!! And so I wanted to talk about it.

1) I was very stressed watching this movie. In the last movie, when Han died, I was SHOCKED. That’s why, during this movie, I was constantly worried someone was going to die. And our heroes did face so many near death experiences. It was even worse because I assumed Leia was going to die because Carrie Fisher passed away. And she hung out with Poe SO MUCH that I freaked out every time they were together.

2) I feel like if I re-watched this movie I would enjoy it more. I would enjoy the action and the death defying situations because I know everyone makes it out alive at the end.

3) It was great how they had already filmed all the Leia scenes!! The director did include a lot of Leia-dying fake-outs. I wonder how they will include Leia’s death in the next movie. Interesting, how the only person in the original trio who is alive is Leia and she’s the only one in real life who died.

4) The fact that Luke thought, even for a second, that he would kill his nephew makes me sad. :-(

5) I could never be a Jedi. I feel too betrayed by the dark side of the force. I keep trying, but failing, to find peace with it…but I cannot.

6) I liked how there were so many women in leadership positions!! When General Leia was injured - another woman made a motivating speech. And then she announced the second in command and it was another woman!! I loved it! I also loved how all these women were older…I know how allergic Hollywood is when it comes to casting middle-aged or older women.

7) This episode was a win for the good guys! Snoke died! And we all know Kylo Ren is going to be a terrible leader. I’ve read too much of the Emo Kylo Ren Twitter to think otherwise.

8) The coolest part was when Snoke THOUGHT Kylo Ren was going to kill Rey but instead he kills Snoke!! And then Kylo Ren and Rey team up and fight together side by side??? That was WILD.

9) ……….But then Kylo Ren goes back to being a bad guy as expected.

10) GROSS, I can see why the Reylo shippers are happy.

11) My SECOND favorite part was when Kylo Ren goes bonkers and wants to shoot all the guns at Luke. And then, afterwards, Hux is like “Do you think he’s dead yet?” all sarcastically.

11) I liked The Last Jedi. A lot of people didn’t because of the assassination of Luke’s character…but you know, I’m a fake fan so that was ok for me. Overall, the movie was very high quality in terms of the action and suspense.

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