Friday, February 2, 2018

The Greatest Showman Reaction: A Wholesome Movie About Love, Family, and Being Okay With Being Different

A few weeks ago, I watched The Greatest Showman and I just want to say it's an AMAZING movie. The songs are unique, intense, and wonderful. I've been listening (and crying) to the soundtrack on Spotify for a week now. It's such a wholesome movie about love, family, and being okay with being different.

The same people who wrote the songs for La La Land wrote the songs for this movie, but I've got to say they did a much better job with this one. Maybe because the singing talent was greater with this one. Maybe because these songs are upbeat and never boring.

Also, when young Hugh Jackman stole the loaf of bread, I was like "LES MIS REFERENCE: but no one else agreed with me?????

Zac Efron and Zendaya reminded me of the good old High School Musical days. They cast their characters well.

"Never Enough," the song that was sung by one of the antagonists of the show was moving and beautiful. Although, that woman did try to hit on a married man (but I do think P.T Barnum led her on!). Loren Allred, the woman who sang, "Never Enough," was AMAZING even though I have never heard her name before.

While I was watching this movie, I couldn't help but think: How many movies are rated PG and are this good? The Greatest Showman is a movie that all ages can appreciate. It didn't have sex at all (it did have a little bit of violence though). I LOVED how wholesome the movie was. The bonds of family love was strong. Seeing Hugh Jackman be so loving to his daughters was great.

UGH, such a good movie. The sound track is AMAZING. It is a really great movie to see in theaters. The only reason why I wanted to watch this move in the first place was because on Christmas Day, my family went to see Pitch Perfect in theaters. Pitch Perfect (also a good movie!) and The Greatest Showman ended around the same time. There was a bunch of teenagers singing the songs of The Greatest Showman loud and proud as they exited their theater and they seemed like they were having SUCH A GOOD TIME. No advertisements, no movie trailers - just a bunch of teenagers having an amazing time is what convinced me to watch this movie.

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