Friday, November 10, 2017

Predictions for S3 Episode 5 of Crazy Ex Girlfriend One Hour Before Premiere

Just wanted to jot some thoughts I had about the next episode (S3E5: I Never Want to See Josh Again)  of my favorite show Crazy Ex Girlfriend an hour before it premieres.

In the promo, you see Rebecca's mom acting suspiciously nice to her. So nice that even Audra Lavine is questioning it and asking Rebecca to figure out why. When I saw this, I immediately thought the reason why Rebecca's mom is being so nice to her is because she wants to turn Rebecca back into New York Rebecca. Rebecca's mom wants to control her again. She wants her to go back to, as Dr. Akopian stated, "that quack of a psychiatrist" that prescribed her so many emotion numbing pills. She wants her to work hard for her career again and become a rich partner in a law firm.

When I realized this, I immediately thought: Rebecca will figure out what her mom is doing and stop her. She won't let her turn her back into her old self.

But now I am thinking: what if she doesn't?

On twitter, Rachel Bloom tweeted:

This worries me. What if Rebecca Bunch will be put into a mental health facility against her will? Can that even happen? That will make me really sad. As Heather stated, you shouldn't try to find someone who doesn't want to be helped. The creators did say Rebecca will be diagnosed this season. I was just hoping it would be on her terms.

Hopefully, Rachel Bloom is just talking about the emotional manipulation her mom will pull on her. I really hope Rebecca is strong enough to pull through this time.

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