Saturday, February 10, 2018

Trent?!: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E12 Review

I'm Just A Boy In Love: I have always loved Trent as a character. Of course I don't like him as a human being because he is stalker-ish and scary. But as a character foil to Rebecca, I am glad Trent exists. This episode was a treat with Trent getting his own song which is kinda a reprise of the Season 2 theme song. Trent sings, "I'm Just A Boy In Love." I think it is great that the show likes to remind us it is not just girls who can be crazy in love. Boys can be, and are often, crazy as well. Trent has a very diabolical face (or maybe it is the actor, Paul Welsh's, acting?), But if you do look closer, I guess he is "cute as a button," once you get over the crazy. Especally in that heart shaped suit. In the song, he even points out his chin dimple. HILARIOUS.

Back In Action: Not a very rememberable song. I get it, it's like they are in a buddy comedy but Paula doesn't want to be in the comedy.

A Buttload of Cats: I grinned throughout this number. "You know what the best thing is about being alone, potentially forever." GURRRRL SAME. I also like Rachel Bloom's delivery where she does seem to say the line with humours sadness. Anyway, this song is the perfect song for someone who is sad about their single-ness to sing. Just in time for Valentine's Day. The line about how cat poop can make you crazy was very interesting. The article, in the Atlantic, can be found here. There is also an explicit version of this song called, "A Fuckton of Cats," AND it has an extra, funny scene at the end. Below is a picture from that scene but go watch it for yourself.

love the crazy eyes, as always
Valencia, Beth, and Josh: I like how Beth is honest and kind to Valancia. She allows her to grow, in a gentle way by telling her not to hate her small town history. I also liked how Valencia and Josh bonded in this episode and chipped away, at least a little bit, their past hurts.

Rebecca and Nathaniel: I'm glad Nathaniel is trying to be a better person by moving from their shared office. Mona does seem like a nice girl - though, she is VERY forgiving. As always, I hope Rebecca and Nathaniel find their way to each other. The next episdoe is titled, "Nathaniel is Irrelevant," which worried me. I want them to be end game, but this title makes it sound like that isn't going to happen. There is a little bit of hope. Maybe my intrepretation of "irrelevant" is wrong? Maybe Rebecca's fear of abandonment is irrelevant now so she isn't scared of being in a relationship with Nathaniel? It's a stretch. Also, the trailer for the Season Finale MAKES NO SENSE. THERE ARE NO CLUES IN THE TRAILER??? Who knows what will happen. (I do assume Darryl's baby is born in the season finale).

Trent?!: Seeing Rebecca and Trent wearing matching turtlenecks was HILARIOUS. Also, the warehouse of Rebecca's stuff was creepy.

My greatest problem with this episode was that the pacing wasn't right. Trent just decides to leave and give back the blackmailing information? Just like that? Maybe Trent isn't that horrible? Trent realized Rebecca wasn't really in love with him through the love test, and maybe now he is done for good? My prediction is that in the last few episodes of Season 4, we will see Trent un-crazy. Maybe in Season 4 he will address his issues as well just like Rebecca!

Excited for the Season Finale. It is going to be BONKERS according to the trailer. 


  1. Predictions:
    If Trent can't have Rebecca, he'll make sure he has a part of her.
    He infiltrated the clinic and switched the sperm to his own.
    Or he's going to kidnap the baby.

    1. that's a really interesting theory! It would be WILD if the show did that.

  2. I still think Trent is perfect for Rebecca.

    1. haha I think they could be cute together if they both are able to work on their issues