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Oh Nathaniel, It's On!: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E10 Review

Last Friday's episode was great! It's so much fun seeing Rebecca and Nathaniel fight. They have a natural chemistry that is really entertaining to watch.

He's The New Guy: I LOVED THIS MUSICAL NUMBER. It was a reprise of the meta musical number from Season 2 called, "Who's The New Guy?" In both songs, the characters say some pretty meta things and then try to explain away why they said that meta thing. My favorite one from this episode was, "Just because he became a Season Regular and by Season Regular, I mean he eats bran in the Spring." This joke has LEVELS.

I also like how the song criticized their own show. "Reformed by a quirky girl at work," is something many people say about Nathaniel changing for Rebecca and how it is a romantic comedy cliche. The joke, "Doesn't mean the show is now called 'Rich and Pompous Lawyer'" is also addressing a criticism. A LOT of people don't like the Rebecca/Nathaniel drama. I do, of course. But other people want her to do something else instead of obsessing over another boy now that she is over Josh.

Also, I thought it was funny when Rebecca sang, "Screw the new guy, Well, I did that." LOL I like how she throws that casually into the conversation.

Rebecca's pronunciations of reprise was eye-catching. I was just thinking, Rebecca likes to be dramatic and talk like a 40s detective so of course she would pronounce "reprise" in the most extra way possible. (I'm not 100% sure, but I think I have heard Rachel Bloom pronounce it as re-prize in the past so this is probably another wonderful detail in the characterization of Rebecca).

Horny, Angry Tango: Rachel Bloom and Scott Michael Foster are both really good dancers. Tango seems like a hard dance to master. When they sing, "I wanna fight. I wanna bang," I was convinced there would be an explicit version where they would sing, "I wanna fight, I wanna f**k," - more alliteration that way. The horizontal tango had me fooled and then we then found out they were leaning on the wall. The judge was playing the accordion!

I liked how much sexual tension there was between Rebecca and Nathaniel in the court room. That moment where they were talking Lawyer-speak to each other but the camera angles and their facial expression and their voice screamed that they just wanted to jump each others bones.

Heather Finding Herself: I liked how the episode showed Heather's journey in figuring out her career. In my experience, trying different things and seeing what you like/dislike is the best way to figure out what you want to do. Heather found out the corporate job wasn't for her. But that job helped her identify the things she did want. She wanted to see her smart ideas being implemented, but the corporate life wasn't for her. So then she went out and asked for the job she wanted. It was a wonderful story line about Heather finding herself and the next direction for her life. I hope Josh is next in finding himself.

Heather Being Darryl's Surrogate Is a Bad Idea: I don't know what the Crazy Ex Girlfriend writers were thinking when they put this in the story line. Heather is moving forward in her life. She has a hunch in what is a good career for her. She just moved in with her boyfriend. She isn't stable enough to also take on being pregnant? Why would she choose to be pregnant for nine months on a whim like that? It's a BIG decision. She doesn't even gain anything for herself. She doesn't NEED money - she just got a good job. She's just doing it as a favor to Darryl who she isn't even that close to? Makes no sense.

You know how Nathaniel barges into Rebecca's house and says, "You're suing me? Are you crazy?" and then they play the first part of the theme song - the part that is "Crazy In Revenge." Well, the theme song has 4 parts and if you include this episode, there are 4 episodes left in this season. How cool would it be that for each other remaining 3 episodes, they do that again!?!?! Like in the next episode, they can lead up to the, "Crazy In Love," part of the theme song and so on for the rest of the episodes. (I explain the four parts of the theme song in my article, The 4 Types of Crazy as told by the Season 3 Crazy Ex Girlfriend Theme Song.) Just an idea.

Some Other Thoughts:

  • Garfunkel Ring is a fake! Shocking!
  • The return of BJ Novak, Dr. Phill, and Audra Lavine's husband.
  • Heather always wants to talk about her life but Rebecca NEVER listens. I wonder if they will ever address Rebecca's selfishness. But Rebecca is going through a thing!! I feel like Rebecca is ALWAYS going through a thing. She is still in pain with her mental disorder. 😞
  • It was cute in a sad way that Nathaniel was trying to make Rebecca jealous with his new girlfriend. It's sad that Nathaniel will never be able to enjoy Raging Waters with Rebecca. But maybe he can suck it up one day and go with Rebecca for Rebecca's sake. 
  • I was also thinking it was a low blow when Nathaniel called Rebecca, "crazy." She just attempted suicide. I mean, come on man!

Some of my other favorite jokes:

Maya: "He patted me on the head yesterday. Although, he may have just been trying to stand up." As a short person, gurrrl SAME.

Tim explaining how much he loves Shania Twain and then Jim saying, "That don't impress me much!"

Rebecca: "That's Gloria"
Nathaniel: "Estefan?"
Rebecca: "No, Steinem and you knew that."
It is hilarious if Nathaniel said that JUST to mess with Rebecca.

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Every Song Off Camila Cabello's debut album Camila RANKED [Track-by-Track Review]

Camila Cabello's Debut Album Review

Camila Cabello recently released her new album, "Camila," and I AM DIGGING IT. I was never obsessed with Fifth Harmony or Camila Cabello but I've always like their songs. I've liked EVERY one of Camila's singles so far!!! "I Have Questions," and "OMG," and, "Crying In The Club," and of course, "Havana." So when I picked up her album (on Spotify) on my drive to work I was surprised I liked it right away! Many times, I don't like albums right away...sometimes albums have to grow on me. That wasn't the case here. I realized I have tracks that are clear winners and losers so I decided to write this review.

So here is track by track ranking of every song off of, Camila the album by Camila Cabello.

10) All These Years

Why do I not like this song? Maybe because it comes after the INSANE BOB, "Never Be The Same," on the album so I get disappointed by the lack of emotion or exciting music.

Also, it starts off with her describing her ex-boyfriend's more muscly arms and longer hair which makes me think wow, she is good at noticing the details. My crush shaved his beard once and his guy friends were commenting on it and I was like, "oh? he had a beard all this time?" I am not great with observations.

I guess I just get bored with this song. Where's the emotion? "I still feel everything when you are near" Yeah, but what do you feel? Please describe. "You're still the one I'm after all these years." Why is he the one? What makes him special? What exactly does he make you feel that makes him the one? Please describe.

9) Consequences

This is a ballad and I have a very low attention span. Mostly, this song doesn't make me FEEL anything. A good ballad should rip my heart out and throw it into the Atlantic Ocean. A good example is Taylor Swift's "All Too Well" which has numerous heart-wrenching lines. I do like how she rhymes such a big word like, "Consequences," which both "defenses" and "senses." My problem with this song is the same as, "All These Years," she is TELLING, not SHOWING. Young, and wild, and free and cool, and hot, and sweet - these are all adjectives. Show me HOW he made you feel these things through the poetry of your song.

8) She Loves Control

I like how this song sounds. It sounds fun and dangerous. Like Camila, I also think about my own relationship with control and how I should let go and relax. This song isn't about that though. Here, Camila is telling a boy to let go and enjoy the a girl's control. Camila feels powerful by embracing her need for control. I guess the themes of control and letting go could be construed as sexy.

7) Real Friends

I have already talked about my love for this song in my blog post Camila Cabello's Real Friends and the Lonely Symbolism of the Moon.This song is different from a lot of the others because it's about FRIENDSHIP, a topic that isn't talked about a lot in pop radio. Camila has gone through a lot with her Fifth Harmony drama. I feels her. Every girl feels her when they listen to her lament that her friends might not be her real friends. Every person can relate to trusting people and being let down. The emotions feel so REAL with this song.

6) Something's Gotta Give

This song is so high on the list because of ONE line that I LOVED  loved l0V3d. That line is: "No reason to stay is a good reason to go." GURRRRL, that is so true!! That one line is so emotional and so relateable. And she sings it with everything she has! Maybe best line on the album.

I also like, "If it didn't kill me, then I'm half alive." That's a jarring line. The usual cliche line is "If it didn't kill me, it made me stronger." Here she subverts that and makes us feel her pain by saying "no - it didn't make me feel stronger - it made me feel HALF ALIVE." Deep and gut-wrenching.

5) In the Dark

I like the musical and lyrical content of this song. Musically, it's a nice flowy song. Lyrically, Camila is encouraging the guy she likes to be vulnerable and open up to her. The word, "Dark," could have a double meaning. "Who are you in dark?" could imply sex which sometimes is equated to intimacy. "Dark," can also mean, "Who are you when things get rough/sad?" She is asking for emotional intimacy that comes with being yourself completely with someone.

4) Inside Out

This song sounds fun and playful! Camila wants to know who her crush is on the inside which is a sweet sentiment that isn't talked about in pop music. It's a fun, crush song. I also like how she sings in Spanish in this song. "De Miami a México, esta cosa se prendió, baby."

3) Into It

Also a fun, crush song which is one of my favorite types of music. It just makes you happy and hopeful. "Whatever trouble that you're thinking, I could get into it." These lyrics make the relationship fun and filled with passion. Camila is down to go one fun adventures with this new boy. This song reminds me of Ariana Grande's "Into You," - probably because the title is similar and both are high-quality crush songs.

2) Never Be The Same

Camila Cabello does SUCH a good job picking singles. THIS SONG IS A BOP. You are never bored with this song. I like how high her register is when she sings, "NICOTINE HEROINE MORPHINE." It's interesting how in the radio edit, "heroine" and, "morphine" are taken out...probably because they are a MUCH harder drug than nicotine. LOL. This song is another example of a fun, crush song, but this one is filled with intense passion which I LOVE. 

1) Havana 

It was obvious I was going to pick Havana as the NUMBER ONE song, wasn't it? Especially since I already wrote about it in my blog post, The Top 10 BEST Songs of 2017.

I'd say this song is fun in the way fantasizing is fun. This song is about Camila going to Havana, Cuba and finding an AWESOME man. But unfortunately, she had to leave him behind. Now all she has is memories of him. It sometimes sounds like a fantasy - did she really meet such a cool dude? Or is she just imagining meeting and having an intense, short, passionate love affair? IDK...but it's fun to imagine with her.

This song is Number #1, because it's a passionate, fun, danceable BOP.

Let me know what your ranking of Camila's new album would be in the comments! Do you agree or disagree with me?

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Nathaniel Gets the Message!: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E9 Review

I loved this episode!! The song were 🔥🔥🔥

Without Love You Can Save The World: This song was a parody of all those charity anthems. For some reason, the Powerpuff Girls' song "Love Makes The World Go Round," comes to mind. My age might be showing when I say that I am also reminded by Disney Channel's "Send It On," and, "Make a Wave." (performed by the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez).

I am definitely going to be listening to, "Without Love You Can Save The World," on Valentine's Day to remind myself all I can do without love LOL. The song was funny because Rebecca, like usual, blows an idea out of proportion. Of course love is important, you just have to have a healthy balance. A healthy relationship and a healthy way of engaging with and improving the world.

Also, I loved the outfits of, "Without Love You Can Save The World." Everyone wore matching outfits where there was a heart with a cross on the shirt! And then at the ending of the song you could see the clouds make that same symbol (with airplanes making the cross). The dancing was fun too! Some great lines:

"Then suddenly the lakes have all gone dry, AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT"

"Not being tied to a bed can really give you wings"

"Love is blind, but without love - you can actually help the blind"

"Forget who you did - think about what you can do"

WOW, wrote 3 paragraphs. I must really like this song.

Fit Hot Guys Have Problems: Do you know how many shows I've watched where people go into a club and there are women dancing for the male gaze? I love Crazy Ex Girlfriend for switching the script! I like how they are objectifying men to challenge society's norms. They are also challenging toxic masculinity, by showing our leading men experiencing sad emotions and crying! Some great lines:

"We both have almost no body fat but we're too bummed out to talk about that." BUT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT IT LOL

"So don't objectify us with your male and female gaze."

"You wanna join our imaginary song and dance?" BEING META

A Youtube comment I really liked:

fit hot guys have problems too crazy ex girlfriend

Grocery Store Wedding: Rebecca helping Valencia out with her wedding planning business was a good story line. Seeing the grocery store people was a real treat. Just like the Rebecca/Josh/Valencia love triangle - the Marty/Ally/Grocery Clerk With Half an Eyelid (Brody) love triangle ended the same way. Ally leaves Brody to be with Marty. Ally/Marty really do have a messed up relationship. It was funny seeing these characters interact and I did find myself laughing at Ally and Marty's antics. I understand Rebecca for interfering. In my opinion, it was the right thing to do. If you were about to marry someone and they were cheating on you, you would want to know!!

Josh is something like a volunteer fireman: I like this direction. You don't see men becoming strippers often in media because they need money. With Josh's circumstances, he does need money and this is actually a good job for him!

Nathaniel and White Josh Bromance: I liked their bromance! It's interesting that Nathaniel always wears suit and button down shirts while White Josh NEVER wears that kinda thing. White Josh is always in beach clothes. BUT they have a lot in common! They both lift and care too much about their bodies. They are both judgey - White Josh with his friend's choices and Nathaniel because he is rich. It was nice watching them bonding over depression-fries!! Later on they ate depression onion-rings!

The next episode is titled, "Oh, Nathaniel, It's On!" I am getting a little worried why all the titles have the name, "Nathaniel" in them. I hope she isn't obsessed with him as she was with Josh.

Great show this week!! Excited about the next episode where Rebecca and Nathaniel feud. I can't believe Nathaniel won't give Rebecca her job back - I thought he actually cared about her!

Please let me know in the comments what you thought about this episode and what you think will happen in the future!!

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Nathaniel Needs My Help!: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E8 Review

My favorite show is back after another 3-week haitus! Unfortunately, I thought this episode was the weakest one so far from this season. For one thing, I didn't like any of the songs.

My reaction to "My Sperm is Healthy," was the same as Ms. Hernandez. "This is going to be gross, isn't it?" The song was trying to parody an EDM party anthem that talks about how much sex a guy has, but instead it focuses on the health of the sperm. There were some jokes that put a smile on my face...but it's just, I don't know if I would listen to that song again? My favorite Crazy Ex Girlfriend songs tend to be on the emotional side or trying to say something about society. This one didn't do either.

My reaction to, "Get Your Ass Out Of My House," was that it was super mean. I know Mrs. Chan could see that Josh was hurting and going through something complicated. It would have been a good time to have a talk and help him work out his feelings. Instead, she just rubs the salt in the wound. Also, I think in the past,Josh's mom has said how happy she is that Josh returned home. I'm Asian too, and I gotta say, Asian parents value family and are willing to keep you at home forever. It just seems that this song was put in for a cheap laugh and doesn't make sense with previous characterization.

Gif by bunchofbloom

Rebecca and Nathaniel are sooo cute together! I LOVE THEM. In this episode, Rebecca returns to her unhealthy ways and it was more painful to see this time. It was also less funny. Rebecca determining that Nathaniel's dad had cheated on his wife and had a secret daughter was just a blah story line. It was so obviously a misunderstanding to the audience members.  But also, we couldn't see and RELATE to Rebecca's craziness here. I couldn't say to myself, "If I was crazier, Yes, I would do this same thing if I like a guy," which is what I have said before in previous episodes.

One thing I do like is that both Rebecca and Josh are starting to recognize their old patterns. They are both ready to change and create a healthy life. Unfortunately, Rebecca has to do that by breaking up with Nathaniel. This is what us, intellectual Crazy Ex Girlfriend viewers, have been saying for a long time. Rebecca is NOT ready for a relationship until she works on herself.

The cliffhanger where she says, "I have never done this before," I believe refers to breaking up with someone. I guess Rebecca would qualify as a dumpee just like me. The promo for the next episode looks great! Nathaniel and White Josh stripping and crying 👌🏽.

The promo for, "Nathaniel Needs My Help!" the episode I am reviewing in this blog post had mostly clips from future episodes so maybe even CXG writers knew that this episode wasn't one of the best.

Paula went really crazy this episode finding an egg donor for Darryl. But once again, I don't know WHY she was so crazy. What was the motivation behind it? (some need for control? IDK,,,I couldn't tell you). I hope Paula also learns to recognize her unhealthy patterns in future episodes. I also hope Darryl's next egg fertilization works fine and he is able to have a new baby.

Thanks for reading! My post was late this weekend. I usually post on the Saturday after the show but today I posted on Sunday! Sorry about that! See you next week!

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The Top 10 BEST Songs of 2017

Happy New Year Friends!!! It's been a nice year for me on this blog. Writing has been a great hobby and I hope to continue it next year!

I'm going to flashback to the first post I ever wrote on this blog. My Top 10 Favorite Hit Songs of 2015. I skipped 2016 but I'm back for 2017. (Just 5 minutes ago, I wrote a post called, The Number #1 Song of 2016, because I had A LOT to say about Closer by the Chainsmokers).

Once again, a song is eligible to be on this list if it was on the Billboard End of the Year 2017 Hot 100 Songs List. So that's just 100 songs to choose from.

The Top 10 Best Songs of 2017 (Despacito, Bodak Yellow)

10) Thunder by Imagine Dragons

I know my favorite reviewer ToddInTheShadows HATED, "Thunder," on his new The Top 10 Worst Hit Songs of 2017 video, but I liked it! It's a motivating song. The "punch" sound effects are fun to dance and punch to. Say what you want about this song - at least it's not boring. A lot of other Imagine Dragons songs make me fall asleep like, "Demons."

9) Havana by Camila Cabello

I'd say this song is fun in the way fantasizing is fun. This song is about Camila going to Havana, Cuba and finding an AWESOME man. But unfortunately, she had to leave him behind. Now all she has is memories of him. It sometimes sounds like a fantasy - did she really meet such a cool dude? Or is she just imagining meeting and having an intense, short, passionate love affair? IDK...but it's fun to imagine with her. It's also a fun song to dance to.

8) I Don't Wanna Live Forever by Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik

The Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack is supposed to be sexy but this song is not. However, it is intense and passionate which I like. Zayn sounds very soulful. Taylor Swift's writing skills are in full-force here. "I've been looking sad in all the nicest places" - my FAVORITE LINE. I relate to that line a lot. That line might be the main reason why this song is on this list.

7) There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back by Shawn Mendes

This song is similar to Havana as it's about an awesome girl who may or may not exist. I think I read somewhere that Shawn Mendes wrote it based on a movie character. The music in this song is excellent - there are some great guitar riffs. When Shawn plays this song live, it sounds so good! It's energetic and fun. It's also a song filled with passion and emotion and the feeling that anything can happen. It's a song about taking a leap of faith and doing something crazy. And mostly, it's a song of being 100% authentic and living life fully something I am always struggling to be.

Favorite verse:
'Cause if we lost our minds and we took it way too far 
I know we'd be alright, I know we would be alright 
If you were by my side and we stumbled in the dark 
I know we'd be alright, I know we would be alright

6) Bad And Boujee by Migos

Rain drop, drop top, this is a goes off

Bad and Boujee was a meme this year!! A meme that didn't really have a pattern lol. But the song itself is excellent. The beat is great, there are some great bars. It's one of the first songs by Migos which became popular and introduced us to their music style where they make a sound effect after many of their lines. A lot of people don't like this music style but I've seen it done in other songs and it sounds fine to me. 

5) DNA by Kendrick Lamar


This is a great "self-empowerment" anthem and it's not of the usual type. (Usually self-love songs are sung by women and are very cute-sy). I like this song more than Humble because I cannot get past the chorus of Humble which is very boring. The chorus of DNA is WAYYY better than Humble but Humble does have some REALLY poppin lines. ("If I kill a [censored], it won't be the alcohol" AND also some talk about being against photo shopping girls maybe "Humble" is like the girly self-love songs I mention earlier LOL just kidding just kidding). 

"DNA," is nice because he isn't saying he is great because of all he has accomplished. He's great because of how he was born. He is great because of everything he is - the good and the bad. It's a great message. Also, this song switches tempos quickly and sharply so it's never boring.

4) XO TOUR Llif3 by Lil Uzi Vert

All my friends are dead. Push me to the edge.

I love the,  "All my friends are dead," line. I read on Genius that this line MIGHT be referring to money. The dead friends are the dead presidents and historical figures on US currency. Either way, it's a sad song for sure. Music-wise, this song is great to listen to. Who ever produced this song did a great job because it's an ear worm. I love listening to it.

3) Praying by Kesha

But some things only God can forgive.

This song is so emotional. Have you noticed a theme on my top 10? I love the emotional, passionate songs the most. "Praying" is about Kesha dealing with her feelings about how her producer Dr. Luke abused her. The story behind the song makes it even more heartbreaking. There's a lot of anger in this song and I LOVE IT. She does try to say that she wishes that he becomes a better person by praying and looking deep within himself and seeing the mistakes he made. I was thinking that's awfully kind of her - she doesn't want another girl going through what she did. You can literally hear her voice breaking in this song - I love the vocal performance in this song.

2) Bodak Yellow by Cardi B

This is the song that made Cardi B the lovable darling in the hearts of America (or just me, IDK). Honestly, the bars on this song ARE SO GOOD. I was about to quote some of my favorite lines but then I realized I started quoting the ENTIRE song. I just love that there is a SECOND female rapper KILLING it out there. The music behind the verses are awesome too!

Honorable Mentions Songs of 2017

These are just some songs I wanted to give a shout out to:

Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd: I LOVED this song in 2016. It was in the 2017 Billboard list but I felt like it was more of a 2016 song so I didn't include it. I'm sure this would have been high if I had done a 2016 list.

New Rules by Dua Lipa: I didn't see this song in the Top 100 Year-End 2017 Billboard Songs so I didn't include it. But when I think of 2017 in the future, I will think of this song. It was so good! I love the sassy, "DON'T PICK UP THE PHONE LYRICS." It was even a meme!! The music video was FIRE.

Hard Times by Paramore: I didn't see this song in the Billboard List but I thought Paramore's new album filled with pop, emo music was great!

1) Despacito by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

DESPACITO IS THE SONG OF THE YEAR 2017. It is effectively, the Closer of 2017. I have been saying this since the summer when it first went OFF. I told myself if a song that is better comes to challenge it, I will reevaluate. I waited and waited - but no such song came to take Despacito's place. I knew no song would come because Despacito is too good. It shook up the Hot 100 charts. It's so different than what else is on the pop charts. I like that it's a Spanish song so you can't understand the lyrics. I like the Latin influences. I like how dance-able and FUN this song is. Despacito even tied with Mariah Carey and Boys II Men for being the longest running number 1 song in history! I'm proud of the song though I wish Uptown Funk had achieved this success. (I remember when See You Again premiered and knocked Uptown Funk off the list. I was pretty upset).

As always, these are just my opinions. These are just the songs I was most attached to throughout this year. Let me know what your list would have been in the comments!

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