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Every Song Off Camila Cabello's debut album Camila RANKED [Track-by-Track Review]

Camila Cabello's Debut Album Review

Camila Cabello recently released her new album, "Camila," and I AM DIGGING IT. I was never obsessed with Fifth Harmony or Camila Cabello but I've always like their songs. I've liked EVERY one of Camila's singles so far!!! "I Have Questions," and "OMG," and, "Crying In The Club," and of course, "Havana." So when I picked up her album (on Spotify) on my drive to work I was surprised I liked it right away! Many times, I don't like albums right away...sometimes albums have to grow on me. That wasn't the case here. I realized I have tracks that are clear winners and losers so I decided to write this review.

So here is track by track ranking of every song off of, Camila the album by Camila Cabello.

10) All These Years

Why do I not like this song? Maybe because it comes after the INSANE BOB, "Never Be The Same," on the album so I get disappointed by the lack of emotion or exciting music.

Also, it starts off with her describing her ex-boyfriend's more muscly arms and longer hair which makes me think wow, she is good at noticing the details. My crush shaved his beard once and his guy friends were commenting on it and I was like, "oh? he had a beard all this time?" I am not great with observations.

I guess I just get bored with this song. Where's the emotion? "I still feel everything when you are near" Yeah, but what do you feel? Please describe. "You're still the one I'm after all these years." Why is he the one? What makes him special? What exactly does he make you feel that makes him the one? Please describe.

9) Consequences

This is a ballad and I have a very low attention span. Mostly, this song doesn't make me FEEL anything. A good ballad should rip my heart out and throw it into the Atlantic Ocean. A good example is Taylor Swift's "All Too Well" which has numerous heart-wrenching lines. I do like how she rhymes such a big word like, "Consequences," which both "defenses" and "senses." My problem with this song is the same as, "All These Years," she is TELLING, not SHOWING. Young, and wild, and free and cool, and hot, and sweet - these are all adjectives. Show me HOW he made you feel these things through the poetry of your song.

8) She Loves Control

I like how this song sounds. It sounds fun and dangerous. Like Camila, I also think about my own relationship with control and how I should let go and relax. This song isn't about that though. Here, Camila is telling a boy to let go and enjoy the a girl's control. Camila feels powerful by embracing her need for control. I guess the themes of control and letting go could be construed as sexy.

7) Real Friends

I have already talked about my love for this song in my blog post Camila Cabello's Real Friends and the Lonely Symbolism of the Moon.This song is different from a lot of the others because it's about FRIENDSHIP, a topic that isn't talked about a lot in pop radio. Camila has gone through a lot with her Fifth Harmony drama. I feels her. Every girl feels her when they listen to her lament that her friends might not be her real friends. Every person can relate to trusting people and being let down. The emotions feel so REAL with this song.

6) Something's Gotta Give

This song is so high on the list because of ONE line that I LOVED  loved l0V3d. That line is: "No reason to stay is a good reason to go." GURRRRL, that is so true!! That one line is so emotional and so relateable. And she sings it with everything she has! Maybe best line on the album.

I also like, "If it didn't kill me, then I'm half alive." That's a jarring line. The usual cliche line is "If it didn't kill me, it made me stronger." Here she subverts that and makes us feel her pain by saying "no - it didn't make me feel stronger - it made me feel HALF ALIVE." Deep and gut-wrenching.

5) In the Dark

I like the musical and lyrical content of this song. Musically, it's a nice flowy song. Lyrically, Camila is encouraging the guy she likes to be vulnerable and open up to her. The word, "Dark," could have a double meaning. "Who are you in dark?" could imply sex which sometimes is equated to intimacy. "Dark," can also mean, "Who are you when things get rough/sad?" She is asking for emotional intimacy that comes with being yourself completely with someone.

4) Inside Out

This song sounds fun and playful! Camila wants to know who her crush is on the inside which is a sweet sentiment that isn't talked about in pop music. It's a fun, crush song. I also like how she sings in Spanish in this song. "De Miami a México, esta cosa se prendió, baby."

3) Into It

Also a fun, crush song which is one of my favorite types of music. It just makes you happy and hopeful. "Whatever trouble that you're thinking, I could get into it." These lyrics make the relationship fun and filled with passion. Camila is down to go one fun adventures with this new boy. This song reminds me of Ariana Grande's "Into You," - probably because the title is similar and both are high-quality crush songs.

2) Never Be The Same

Camila Cabello does SUCH a good job picking singles. THIS SONG IS A BOP. You are never bored with this song. I like how high her register is when she sings, "NICOTINE HEROINE MORPHINE." It's interesting how in the radio edit, "heroine" and, "morphine" are taken out...probably because they are a MUCH harder drug than nicotine. LOL. This song is another example of a fun, crush song, but this one is filled with intense passion which I LOVE. 

1) Havana 

It was obvious I was going to pick Havana as the NUMBER ONE song, wasn't it? Especially since I already wrote about it in my blog post, The Top 10 BEST Songs of 2017.

I'd say this song is fun in the way fantasizing is fun. This song is about Camila going to Havana, Cuba and finding an AWESOME man. But unfortunately, she had to leave him behind. Now all she has is memories of him. It sometimes sounds like a fantasy - did she really meet such a cool dude? Or is she just imagining meeting and having an intense, short, passionate love affair? IDK...but it's fun to imagine with her.

This song is Number #1, because it's a passionate, fun, danceable BOP.

Let me know what your ranking of Camila's new album would be in the comments! Do you agree or disagree with me?


  1. I love your blog, please never stop writing your opinions about pop culture. Google sent me here because I was looking for notes about Taylor and turns out that I love your interpretations in general. I'm from México, so I send you a hug from here!

    1. Thank you so much!! Your kind words really put a smile to my face.