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Nathaniel Needs My Help!: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E8 Review

My favorite show is back after another 3-week haitus! Unfortunately, I thought this episode was the weakest one so far from this season. For one thing, I didn't like any of the songs.

My reaction to "My Sperm is Healthy," was the same as Ms. Hernandez. "This is going to be gross, isn't it?" The song was trying to parody an EDM party anthem that talks about how much sex a guy has, but instead it focuses on the health of the sperm. There were some jokes that put a smile on my face...but it's just, I don't know if I would listen to that song again? My favorite Crazy Ex Girlfriend songs tend to be on the emotional side or trying to say something about society. This one didn't do either.

My reaction to, "Get Your Ass Out Of My House," was that it was super mean. I know Mrs. Chan could see that Josh was hurting and going through something complicated. It would have been a good time to have a talk and help him work out his feelings. Instead, she just rubs the salt in the wound. Also, I think in the past,Josh's mom has said how happy she is that Josh returned home. I'm Asian too, and I gotta say, Asian parents value family and are willing to keep you at home forever. It just seems that this song was put in for a cheap laugh and doesn't make sense with previous characterization.

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Rebecca and Nathaniel are sooo cute together! I LOVE THEM. In this episode, Rebecca returns to her unhealthy ways and it was more painful to see this time. It was also less funny. Rebecca determining that Nathaniel's dad had cheated on his wife and had a secret daughter was just a blah story line. It was so obviously a misunderstanding to the audience members.  But also, we couldn't see and RELATE to Rebecca's craziness here. I couldn't say to myself, "If I was crazier, Yes, I would do this same thing if I like a guy," which is what I have said before in previous episodes.

One thing I do like is that both Rebecca and Josh are starting to recognize their old patterns. They are both ready to change and create a healthy life. Unfortunately, Rebecca has to do that by breaking up with Nathaniel. This is what us, intellectual Crazy Ex Girlfriend viewers, have been saying for a long time. Rebecca is NOT ready for a relationship until she works on herself.

The cliffhanger where she says, "I have never done this before," I believe refers to breaking up with someone. I guess Rebecca would qualify as a dumpee just like me. The promo for the next episode looks great! Nathaniel and White Josh stripping and crying 👌🏽.

The promo for, "Nathaniel Needs My Help!" the episode I am reviewing in this blog post had mostly clips from future episodes so maybe even CXG writers knew that this episode wasn't one of the best.

Paula went really crazy this episode finding an egg donor for Darryl. But once again, I don't know WHY she was so crazy. What was the motivation behind it? (some need for control? IDK,,,I couldn't tell you). I hope Paula also learns to recognize her unhealthy patterns in future episodes. I also hope Darryl's next egg fertilization works fine and he is able to have a new baby.

Thanks for reading! My post was late this weekend. I usually post on the Saturday after the show but today I posted on Sunday! Sorry about that! See you next week!

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