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Getting Over Jeff: Crazy Ex Girlfriend Mid-Season Finale S3E7 Review

This episode was a ray of sunshine. Even the opening scene has a lot of warm sunshiny colors as evidenced in the screenshot below. (Or maybe my TV settings really brought out the bright, warm tones of this scene.)

Getting Over Jeff Crazy Ex Girlfriend sunshine

"Getting Over Jeff," is the first episode without Josh's name in the title. AND I think it's the first episode where Rebecca does not say the word "Josh" AT ALL.

I like how this show makes an effort to show how after Rebecca's suicide attempt, she is living a much healthier and nice life. It shows that there is hope. That if you are suicidal, you can get help and live a much better and less painful life.

Getting A Much Better Grade - a C+: I can relate to Rebecca a lot and what really touched me this episode was the discussion about not putting so much pressure on yourself to be too good (or too bad). We have to learn to live in that in-between space. We are all good and bad. Don't beat yourself up if you make a mistake because you think you need to be perfect. And also, if you do make a mistake, don't just assume you are all bad and keep on making more bad mistakes.

I really have to learn how to live in that in-between space as well. I need to know that I am ENOUGH. I can make mistakes and not be so hard on myself. Crazy Ex Girlfriend is like therapy to me.

Paula's Josh Chan: Jeff Channington: "Getting Over Jeff," is a Paula-centric episode which is great because we really learn a lot about her. We learn she is not as committed to her husband and kids because there is a part of her that still remembers her, "first everything" Jeff Channington. Jeff made her feel warm, like glitter was exploding inside of her. She finds her family boring because they are a stable, loving family. It looks like Paual has always been chasing her own "high" as many of us do (me!!) whether that is Rebecca or her vampire novels. After meeting Jeff and rejecting him, she finally can let go of the fantasy she has of him. She can appreciate her family which loves her even though those glitter feelings may have died down.

Paula's dad is everything we thought he would be. He's a drunk and mean. Rebecca laughs and has fun with him even though he is everything she is against. I wonder if, due to her therapy, she just wants to enjoy life whenever she can and so she is laughing at his ridiculousness. Were her good times with Paula's dad genuine?

First Penis I Saw: It's a funny song with great usage of props (suggestive fruits). It's a bit crass but hey! it wouldn't be Crazy Ex Girlfriend if it wasn't.

My Friend's Dad: Rebecca seemed so happy she had a platonic friend....which gets ruined when her friend says he pictures her naked. Paula's dad is a sleezeball so it makes sense. But Rebecca does have platonic male friends - what about Darryl? I bet he never objectifies her and actually loves her in a platonic way.

Nathaniel and Rebecca: I am falling for these two! I'm guessing future episodes will focus on Rebecca learning how she can be in a health relationship. The hug scene was so sweet. That was such a long hug! And that sequoia metaphor! It was so sweet - I AM DYING. And at the end, Rebecca re-enacts the flying squirrel scene and has sex with him. She is giving herself a chance to live and experience the world and not just life in her therapy books.

Darryl and White Josh: Listen, I am not worried about these two. Just like in Jane The Virgin when Xo and Rogelio broke up because of the baby, one will have to sacrifice for the other. THEY ARE END GAME IT IS FINE. (Though, I think the "baby" thing is a lazy plot device).

Josh the "Big Boy": Wow, is Josh spiraling or what? I hope he does learn how to become a man.

The show is back on the air January 5th! Can't wait! (Is Rebecca a waiter now? Just watched the promo.)

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