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Josh Is A Liar: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E3 Review

WOW. DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT WOW. (I know, I know I say that every episode but still this one I REALLY MEAN IT).

The anxiety during this episode was UNREAL. Rebecca Bunch went hard-core Walter White! Her vindictive, manipulative, down-right evil plan to destroy Josh Chan's credibility made me feel some type of way. Which type of way? IDK but my gut was physically aching after this episode.

I know what it's like to have lies and rumors spread about you. I also know what it's like for your friends to believe the lies and not you. Honestly, I felt so bad for Josh.

What's interesting is that Rebecca spent so much time looking for the most evil revenge on Josh and she finally did it! When her livelihood was being threatened, she stumbled on an excellent way to destroy Josh Chan....and she did it without even realizing it!

In this episode, Rebecca is the craziest we have ever seen her. And here, she is a CRAZY GENIUS. It takes great intellect to turn around a situation where it's obvious you are the one who is about to be harmed, and turn it around. She was Walter White in that episode where he kills an innocent man to save himself. Rebecca killed Josh's credibility to save her own. Even during an anxiety attack, she sure can think fast and effectively.

It was sad seeing Rebecca emotionally manipulate Paula into dropping the court case. Rebecca kicked Paula where it hurts. Paula really cares about being a good lawyer, and Rebecca just shit on that. But in Rebecca's eyes, she HAD to do it or she would have died (or her "normal" persona would have died).

I'm shook that everyone knows about Robert now. THE CLIFFHANGER. OH MAN OH MAN THE CLIFFHANGER. I cannot WAIT for next week's episode. I wonder how everyone will react. I think it will be with compassion, but we will see. I mean in future sneak peeks, you can see that they still are Rebecca's friends. I guess that's beautiful about human nature, you may be crazy but people can love you anyway.

The scene where Nathaniel is holding Rebecca is his arms, whisking her away into paradise is important. Rebecca wanted to run away from her problems like the cliche of a girl thinking a man or a prince will save them. But she couldn't. Her friends stopped her. This will be a turning point for her to get help. She can't run away to fantasy or a man to save her.

Another thing that affected my gut: WHEN REBECCA SAID THAT SHE NEVER HAD FRIENDS. She hates herself so much she can't recognize love. She really thinks her craziness makes her unlovable. So many issues to address.

I Go To The Zoo:  This one really reminded me of the Lonely Island's songs. I think the Lonely Island formula is take a hiphop song and subvert the tropes. And they've had so many songs where they take, like, toxic masculinity tropes and subvert it into something completely different to make fun of it (like their song Spring Break Anthem). Here, Nathaniel could follow the toxic masculinity trope of going to a club, drinking and doing loads of alcohol and drugs, and hanging with random women to escape his feelings. Instead, he goes to the zoo. Kinda sweet.

nathaniel zoo crazy ex girlfriend

The Moment Is Me: I was watching the Inside: Josh Is a Liar clip and they mentioned this song was inspired by High School Musical. I have never been more called out. I thought it was a sweet song because I'm a sucker for these types of song. Heather singing it with disgust was FUNNY. Also, I'm excited to see how she does cope with being out in the real world. She might also have some issues to address if she stayed in school for THAT long just because she was afraid of being an adult.

Nathaniel: Oh My God I Think I Like Her: Did you guys catch that? I caught that. What a nice callback to the Oh My God, I Think I Like You song from season 1. It would have been cool if he had sang a reprise but alas.

I loved that exchange in the beginning of the episode where Nathaniel calls "almost trying to kill Josh' grandfather" a weird thing that happened between them. He was so cute and funny acting nervous and in love around Rebecca.

Do you ever wonder why Nathaniel likes Rebecca? He's never liked anyone before so why all of a sudden Rebecca? Is it because she is withholding? Maybe he is lying that he never falls for anyone. Maybe he does. Maybe that's why he was bragging about his cold heart. Maybe Nathaniel has loved deeply and was hurt about it and now he just pretends his heart is cold.

But then again....he is genuinely ruthless and cruel as seen in how he fires people without remorse, does illegal and horrible things to win cases, and almost kills a man.  Nathaniel is a mystery to me. He is genuinely cruel so why did he fall for Rebecca? A genuinely cruel person would never fall in love. Why has he done a complete 360 and is so nice to her? IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. I hope we find out this season.

WOW, this episode was a bombshell. I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL NEXT WEEK. AHHHH

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