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Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Wants Revenge 💩: Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 1 Review


Yesterday, Friday the 13th, October 2017, my favorite show of all time went back on the air!! Crazy Ex Girlfriend debuted its first episode of Season 3. I'm a huge fan of the show; last year I would watch the episode twice. Once, when it aired live and second, on The CW website because when I watch something live, I can't pause or rewind so I miss a lot of stuff. However, this time I didn't and I am wondering why....

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the premiere. The two songs were amazing!!

Where is Rebecca Bunch: a fun song which I believe was parodying Beauty and the Beast. I liked how the West Covina Hotel was supposed to be the tower the princess is trapped in. I loved this song, because it was very Broadway-like. It also reminded me a little of Into the Woods. "Is she out to brunch?" is funny because it's so ridiculous and only there for the rhyme. Even in this song, you could see Nathaniel has started to care about Rebecca when he fires George for implying Rebecca should kill herself.

Let's Generalize About Men: also, a very fun song. I really enjoyed the beat, and I think I've heard this music somewhere else before. I loved everyone's outfits!! It was so aesthetically pleasing. I wasn't so sure what the song was saying exactly. I know a lot of the anti-feminist people say stuff like "not all men!!!" but I don't think this song was affirming them. Instead, I think it was just saying how ridiculous it is when these people assume everyone is always talking about ALL men, when they are just talking about some men.

Nathaniel: Nathaniel was so cute and dorky in this episode. The power dynamic has really changed, and I love Rebecca ignoring him. Nathaniel probably doesn't get ignored too often. I do hope Nathaniel gets over his issues with power and relationships. In previous episodes, he has said stuff implying he likes the chase and when the chase is over he finds the person annoying. I hope that doesn't happen with Rebecca.

Revenge Plots: When someone hurts you, you can't really get revenge. That's what I've learned throughout my years. I didn't think the poop revenge was soooo bad - it was on The Help (the movie). The evil laugh Rebecca gave at the end of the episode was hilarious (might rival Michael's in The Good Place!). I want to see the result of the poop revenge in the next episode so I hope they don't brush it off. I'm not a huge fan of Paula's lawyer plan as I don't think she has a case, but I'm not a lawyer so who knows. She might be able to sue for the money she spent on the wedding but does Josh even have money she can sue for?

This was certainly a crass episode with the sex tape plan (which I thought was a dumb revenge plot.). I'm not a huge fan of crass things and I would like to see more emotional development from Rebecca in future episodes. We saw some in this episode where Rebecca learns she shouldn't hurt herself while trying to hurt Josh.

Next episode we'll see her teaming up with Nathaniel to do more revenge stuff. I feel like there will be more abuse of Nathaniel's obsession with her in the next episode. Until next time!!

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