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Josh's Ex-Girlfriend Is Crazy: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E4 Review


This TV show is so good that after every episode I'm reeling, spinning - flooded with emotions I cannot comprehend. I hope this show does not slow down - I hope it continues making such high caliber TV that every episode I am shook.

Rebecca Intentionally Hurts All Her Friends: Those first few minutes of this episode were scary.  When Rebecca took down each and every one of her friends with such harsh words. I was clutching my pillow even though the horror movie part of the show hadn't stared! WOW. Rebecca still cannot believe that her friends love her. That's why she pushes them away when they try to show her love and caring. I thought Rebecca was pretty correct about Paula, Heather, and Darryl. Rebecca was VERY wrong about Valencia when she said Valencia threw her dream wedding for her just because no one will love her. Valencia was doing Rebecca a huge favor by planning her wedding and then Rebecca uses it against her.

Rebecca is correct that White Josh doesn't want to have a baby with Darryl. Rebecca is also correct that Paula is also, in her own way, a little crazy and that she neglects her family. But then again, to bring up some The Awakening Kate Chopin vibes, Paula does want a life outside of just being a mother and she should be able to have that. I guess she just needs to find a balance. AND STOP PUTTING TRACKING DEVICES IN HER FRIENDS. LMAO.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend The End of the Movie

Swimchan: I have never watched the movie that Rebecca was trying to replicate (Swimfan). I have only watched one horror movie in my life and I wasn't scared watching it. But I've got to say, I was ACTUALLY scared when Rebecca was trying to scare Josh. Joseph Kahn is very good at what he does and I'm glad he was able to make this episode so horror movie-like with his directing skills. Josh Chan was a great victim, and Rebecca a great villain. I was clutching my pillow the whole time.

That scene near the construction pit was expertly done. Josh Chan is correct in saying he never wants to see Rebecca again. Pretending to kidnap his mom is too far. But you can also see Rebecca's side; Josh never gave her an explanation. He just abandoned her. And now, Josh will probably never give Rebecca and explanation.

Heather and Hector: I am so here for this! THEY LOOK SO CUTE TOGETHER. I hope they make a good couple and I hope Heather doesn't just use him to run away from her problems. I don't think she will though. She mentioned she will work hard to figure out her life after community college.

Rebecca Sleeping With Greg's Dad: RIDICULOUS. Absolutely NUTS. Also, let's not just yell at Rebecca. Let's also yell at Greg's dad. WHY WOULD YOU SLEEP WITH YOUR SON'S EX GIRLFRIEND. wrong-o. Like he said, everyone's a little crazy. I could write an essay about this, but what I will say is: the writers did this so all hopes of the Rebecca/Greg will be dashed. Rebecca is not right for Greg. She will only ruin him. It truly was a shit show.

The End of The Movie feat. Josh Groban: I could also write an essay about this. I probably will write a blog post just about this one song. This song touched me. I could really relate to it as well because I am also always trying to make sense of my life. But LIFE DOESN'T MAKE NARRATIVE SENSE. I will probably be repeating that to myself for a couple of weeks after this episode. If I do write that blog post about this song, I will post a link here.

Favorite Line:

Crazy Ex Girlfriend Josh is more a symbol of effortless normalcy from which you always felt excluded.

"Josh is more a symbol of effortless normalcy from which you always felt excluded." - a great thesis statement for the show. A great deconstruction of WHY Rebecca Bunch loves Josh Chan.

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