Saturday, October 21, 2017

To Josh, With Love: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E2 Review

Last night's episode was soooo good! The ending had me SHOOK.

After Everything You Made Me Do (That You Didn't Ask For): This number was so unexpected but it revealed a lot about Rebecca's inner workings. Rebecca really believes that it was Josh who made her do all those crazy things and that's why she yells at him for it. Maybe that's why she was so hurt by Josh's betrayal; he was the one who made her look crazy and in the end it was for nothing.

After the number, Josh now believes he did nothing wrong. He was justified in breaking up with a crazy person. I mean, he's not wrong. However, Josh does have his own problems that he needs to identify and solve. He does have some blame in this because he was the one who kept on jumping from woman to woman just because he doesn't want to feel alone. He also did lead Rebecca on and engaged in the same fairy-tale thinking that she did. Next episode will be exciting because now Josh has the ammo he needs to prove that he is a good person and there was a legit reason he broke up with Rebecca. It will be interesting seeing Rebecca deal with looking like a crazy person in front of everyone which is one of her great fears.

Also, I'm glad everything is out in the open now. Maybe Rebecca is too - despite the consequences.

Strip Away My Conscience: Honestly, Nathaniel and Rebecca have sooo much chemistry. There were some cute moments in this episode; Nathaniel wanting to dance with her, Nathaniel, before sex, letting her know she doesn't have to do this as a part of their deal, Nathaniel actually admitting he cares about her. I take back what I said in the last episode's review; I don't think Nathaniel will go back to being distant after Rebecca reciprocates love. Nathaniel really does seem like he changes when he's around Rebecca. Even though, of course, he did almost kill a man to get revenge on Josh. I hope Nathaniel becomes a better person overall but then it might not be as much fun anymore. Does Rebecca only like him because he's bad?

Paula's Sensible Revenge: Paula, as a mom figure, wanted Rebecca not to harm herself when getting revenge. However, that's exactly what Rebecca does. Rebecca wanted a visceral, emotional revenge. By yelling at Josh in the church, she gets that but she also harms herself. Paula was unfortunately not successful in protecting Rebecca.

^^^ same gurlll


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