Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Feminism of Kip Moore's More Girls Like You

Recently, I heard a boy say, "If I have to raise a teenage daughter, I am going to stay out of her life. I'm not going anywhere near that."

His words irked me. What do you mean you don't want to be in your daughter's life? Why is a teenage girls' life so gross to you?

The answer, obviously, is misogyny.

He doesn't think he can look at his teenage daughter and see her as a completely whole human being.

When he looks at her, he sees her as just another girl who will be sexually objectified and demeaned by other men like him.

When he looks at her, he gets scared that she will be interested in sex and that would mean that she isn't as pure as she should be.

Because society believes women are only for men's sexual pleasure and that women should not have any sexual pleasure of their own.

So how does this relate to Kip Moore's More Girls Like You?

Kip probably just wanted to write another love song that made the country ladies swoon, but I was touched by the sincerity of it.

The message of, "I want to raise more girls like you" does a few things. First, it gives value to women. In a world where millions of girls are aborted or killed just for being girls, its nice to hear someone say, "I WANT A GIRL."

China's One-Child Policy caused many people to get illegal abortions after they found out their only child was going to be a girl. They wanted a boy because in their society, girls have less power. They wanted a child that could bring them success and financial acclaim. This also happens a lot in India, where the girl is a financial strain on the family because she is going to be married off with an expensive dowry. Read more about it here.

I LOVE the idea of having a song that appreciates having daughters. DAUGHTERS. plural.

Secondly, I like how he compares his daughter to his wife. He HAS to see his wife as a sexual being but that doesn't stop him from comparing her to his daughter. He knows that his daughter will someday probably find a man like him and he is okay with that because any man like him would respect women.

And lastly, the song plain and simple just appreciates women. (Not just for male's sexual pleasure like a lot of the bro-country songs). The song says how God created women and so they are humans worthy of the utmost respect and love. The exact opposite of misogyny.

When I looked at the comments of the above music video, I saw this comment.


Why did that guy write that? What does loving women as complete, whole human beings have to do with liberal politics as opposed to conservative politics? This guy and the 3 likes he got are just one of the misogynistic freaks who can't handle a KIND song like this. Just another example of how so many people hate and disrespect women.

I was researching Kip Moore and I gotta say maybe he's just a kind person all together. After the Charlottesville White Supremacy Rallies, he was so moved he wrote an Instagram post about it.

I grew up in south ga so I'm 100% aware of what racism looks like, sounds like, and what it feels like (when you hear it out of another's mouth). I was lucky to have parents that never instilled that toxic hatred in my bloodline. However, i did have a few friends that occasionally used the N word in their vocabulary. I'd have numerous fights and arguments about why they would say shit like that, eventually driving a wedge between any surface friendship we even had to begin with and cut those people from my life. The one constant theme I learned at a young age was, they all developed those ignorant views from their ignorant parents who learned it from their ignorant parents. A lot of people will read this and say "amen" or "well said" or "that's how I feel" but you ain't doing shit about it in the real world. The gift of kindness may start as a small ripple that has the potential of turning into a tidal wave. Don't bitch about the state of the world if youre too lazy or too much of a puss to stand up to your friends when you hear them or see them doing racist shit. It starts with each one of us individually if we wanna change what this world looks like. Go out of your way to take care of people and spread kindness. I'm Not tryin to preach, but I'm way more concerned with the state of my fellow brother than the state of my Instagram following. Take a break from your 100th bathroom selfie and pay attention to what's taking place around you. oh and to those that spew hateful comments on social media all the time yet have "Jesus lover" as your profile heading.. that would prolly provoke Jesus to slap your dumb ass. The last thing I'll say is for the ones who will always miss the point and need it broken down. I condemn any protest that turns to violent.. Black, white, purple, yellow etc... I'm saddened anytime I see hatred towards one another and you should be ashamed if you don't feel the same way. It's never too late to evaluate who you are and break the chain that's been passed down. We all bleed the same. Hey @realjohngray there's a lot of people preaching love right there with ya bud.
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