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I Never Want to See Josh Again: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E5 Review

That was painful. That was horrendously painful. When Rebecca's mom stole her laptop and showed us, the viewers, Rebecca looking up ways to kill herself, my stomach just dropped. I was in shock. I was filled with anxiety and sadness. Even though that clue was glaring, I still had no idea that Rebecca would attempt suicide. On the plane, even when she was holding the bottle of anxiety pills and looking at it suspiciously, I STILL had no idea she would actually do it. I guess I was just hopeful. This is a fun, musical, quirky show. And yes, it does have serious moments that address mental illness, but I didn't think they would go THAT far.

I'm just so sad. I feel so badly for Rebecca. But we know she survives as evidenced by the promo so at least the is a relief (I guess there is no way she could have died as she is the main character of the show).

The "Help" sign turning into the "Hope" sign was interesting. Because don't they mean the same thing? A person at rock bottom asking for help is a hopeful thing to do. I guess she was only prompted to ask for Help when she realized there was hope for her life to get better.

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Why didn't Rebecca even try to talk to her friends? They would have showed her that they still cared. Why didn't Rebecca ask for forgiveness instead of thinking that she ruined her life forever? I mean ask for forgiveness and if they don't forgive you, then you can worry.

Since this episode was rock bottom for her, at least the rest of the season will be moving in a good direction. She will get help for her mental illness and that's great!! The creators on twitter even mentioned that she will be diagnosed next episode.

When it comes to my predictions, I was wrong and right. Rebecca's mom was acting nice to commit her into a mental institution against Rebecca's consent. I was wrong because the real reason why this episode was so emotional was because of the suicide attempt.

When I saw Rachel Bloom's tweet about how emotional this episode will be and for us to prepare, my reaction was BRING IT ON I WANT TO FEEL EMOTIONAL. The suicide attempt, however, was not what I wanted. It wasn't emotional in a good way - the way Rebecca recognizing her feelings and working through them is. I do believe next episode will be emotional in a good way so I'm excited for next week.

Heinous Bitch: Not one of my favorite songs. I probably won't be listening to it again. Why? Because I love my mom and I think she is great! (I suppose I am lucky). I guess I can't relate to it.

About Rebecca's mom, I thought she was sweet. Yeah, drugging someone without their consent IS bad. It feels like you aren't control of your body. AND it's a breech of trust. However, Rebecca's mom did do it with love. She wanted Rebecca to NOT attempt suicide. When Rebecca found out about the pills in the strawberry milkshake, she FREAKED out. She assumed that the only reason she was feeling better and thinking her mom was nice was because of the pills. However, Rebecca's mom was ALSO being nice to her without the pills. They were doing crossword puzzles, playing games, wearing matching outfits. Rebecca's mom did make an effort to be nice. If only she would do that all the time and not just when she thought Rebecca was gonna kill herself.

I Feel Like This Isn't About Me: Corneilia was the foil for Rebecca and also the comedic relief in this episode. I liked her. I liked all the associates of White Feather projecting all their feelings onto her. Maya is totes me as a woke millennial.

It was sweet that we found out exactly why Nathaniel likes Rebecca. He likes her because she challenges his worldview. He likes her because she's not afraid to be different and to put her work second and her happiness first.

I also liked the subplot of Paula and her depression. She does have a loving family!! Her sons were ok with playing a girly board game with her! That's true love! And in the end, it seemed like they both enjoyed the game and were into it. Her husband was also sweet by being there for her when she needed it the most.

Next episode will be emotional. EVERY character in West Covina will have to deal with their emotions surrounding Rebecca. And Rebecca will have to deal with her emotions surrounding her suicide attempt. I can't wait for it!. According to the following tweet, there will even be an emotional song that has NO COMEDIC ELEMENTS. That's a first.

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