Sunday, November 19, 2017

Crazy Ex Girlfriend Rant: New York City Is Closer To The Beach Than West Covina

In season one of Crazy Ex Girlfriend, we hear Rebecca say constantly that she moved to West Covina because she is a "beach gal" and she wanted to be near the beach. I also remember Greg Serrano saying, "We're 4 hours from the beach, I know people say it's 2 but those people are dumb." I live near NYC (Jersey Girl), and during the summer months people go to the Jersey Shore almost every weekend. To me, being four hours from the beach is wayyyy too much. That's why I decided to investigate.

NYC Time Square to the Beach

New York City to the beach Crazy Ex Girlfriend
According to Google Maps, from Times Square to Coney Island, it would take you 41 minutes to get to the beach.

West Covina to the Beach

West Covina to the Beach
According to Google Maps, from West Covina to Santa Monica, it would take you 53 minutes to get to the beach.

Looks like NYC is closer to the beach than West Covina by 10 minutes. I wonder why the Crazy Ex Girlfriend cast didn't do their research on this? They keep on saying it is ATLEAST 2 hours from the beach, and four in traffic. I can't imagine it taking four hours to drive the above distance. If you live in Southern California and can shed light on this subject, please let me know in the comments or on my social media as I am interested in why the writers were so wrong about this.

I've heard that Southern California culture is impacted by the beach. They are wayyyy more relaxed and chill compared to New Yorkers. I've heard that East Coast culture is much more busy and cut-throat than West Coast culture so maybe that is why the writers mention the closeness to the beach so much.

But come on Rebecca, you need to relax on the beach after being a high strung New York lawyer? Go to Coney Island, or Staten Island, or even the Jersey Shore! Don't move all the way to West Covina LOL

Anyway, thanks for coming along this (unnecessary) investigative journey!

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