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Age: 23
Location: NJ
I'm a young professional who recently graduated from Rutgers University. I started this blog mostly because I was bored but also because I wanted attention - but not the speaking or IRL kind. I'm a tortured soul. I dislike deep thoughts but I am constantly entertaining them. I've been a feminist since I was four years old - always pointing out the adverse effects of patriarchy even as a child. I stand by television no matter what. I recently bought a Nintendo 3DS that I'm super into. I have a secret Let's Play channel on Youtube. I also recently bought an Apple Music membership (they got me with their 3 month free trial) so I've been really into discovering music lately (mostly because I have an hour drive to and from work each day). I am also very extra.

I say all this because the above is what I'm probably going to blog about. From music, television, and video game reviews to feminist essays to existential questions to who even knows - I certainly don't.

What does Me, Myself & the Moon mean?
The name of my blog is Me, Myself & the Moon which is a phrase I actually derived from a One Direction song. In their new album Made in the A.M, there is a song called "End of the Day." which has the following lyrics:
I told her that I loved her, was not sure if she heard
The roof was pretty windy and she didn't say a word
Party dying downstairs, had nothing left to do
Just me, her and the moon
A reoccurring thing that I feel is extreme loneliness when I spend time with people I don't feel like I have a connection with - and I feel bad because why don't I connect with nice warm people who want to spend time with me? There were a couple of times when I left a party or a person's house and let that loneliness wash over me. And the first thing I saw was the moon burning brightly in the night's sky. And in that moment my loneliness seemed just as natural as the moon.

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