Saturday, September 30, 2017

Harry Styles at Radio City Music Hall: Kiwi is now my favorite song.

I know I have a fair amount of Harry Styles content on this blog so I just want to give a small update on my life.


It was amazing! One of the best concerts I have been to in a while. Harry is such a good performer. He performed Kiwi 3 times. THREE TIMES. And it was amazing every time. Such a bop. Like so high energy, such fun lyrics. He did it to convince the record label people to make it the next single. I really hoped it worked as Kiwi is AWESOME!!!. It was a pretty cheeky move on my boy Harry's part. 

Harry Styles Radio City

I sat in row D of the 1st mezzanine at Radio City Music Hall. At first, I thought they were good seats and yeah, I could see Harry well enough but I wish they were better. Usually, mezzanine seats are better at other theaters. 

Harry Styles Radio City Music Hall

Harry's suit was on point as always. I found a picture on Google to show you guys

I love the red and black combination. It really matched with curtains at Radio City.

Another highlight of the show was when he was asking people where they were from. He was like "who is here from New York?." Many people screamed as expected. And then he asked, "who is here from out of town?" I screamed as technically I was...though only a few miles out of town. Then he asked the audience where out of town. And a girl said, "New Jersey." I WAS LIKE YEAH WHOO. And then Harry was like "New Jersey?" a little sardonically. But he followed it up with, "Not that there is anything wrong with New Jersey. I was just hoping for someone a little bit more out of town. So who here is from some where else than New York, New Jersey, Brooklyn?," I was just like "??????" NEW JERSEY IS NO WHERE NEAR BROOKLYN IN TERMS OF OUT OF TOWNNESS. DOES HE KNOW NJ IS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STATE WE ARE NOT GOING TO BE LUMPED WITH NEW YORKERS. WE ARE NEW JERSEY PEOPLE SOME OF US ARE FROM SUPER OUT OF TOWN LIKE SOUTH JERSEY (not me obviously lol)

Obviously, I am just happy he was talking about New Jersey on stage.

Anyway, great experience. MUNA was pretty good too.

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

No Tomorrow Review: What's on your Apocalyst?

I just finished watching No Tomorrow on Netflix and I really enjoyed it!! When I started the show, I could tell why the CW cancelled it. At first, it just didn't seem as good as the other quirky comedies like Jane the Virgin or Crazy Ex Girlfriend. At first, it felt like the comedy was off. It wasn't haha funny, I guess you can say.

However, as I continued through the show, I loved it. It is funny enough, and there are other positive qualities - like the plot, the premise, the message. No Tomororw, for those of you who don't know, is a show where the main character falls in love with with a guy who thinks the world is going to end and so he encourages her to live life to the fullest.  What's on your Apocalyst? What would you do if you only had 6 months to live? How would you change your life to live in the present and really get your dreams moving.

While watching, I always wondered how they were gonna end it. Is Xavier right and the world is going to end in flames? Or is he wrong and everyone is right when they call him a crazy crack-pot.

When I watched the final episode, I knew it was the final episode. I knew that The CW had not renewed it. (sad face :-( It was a good show!!! But alas, the ratings). On Netflix, they don't show the epilogue. But even without the epilogue, it's sort of beautiful.


Xavier and Evie going out into the world and doing their own thangs. Following their dream jobs. Evie sorta moving on with that doctor guy. How that doctor guy came full circle because he met Xavier at the hospital and encouraged him to quit his job and follow his dreams.

I also like that Xavier was right about the theory. I like that he wasn't just some crazy lunatic. And then he was able to stop the meteor from crushing the Earth with NASA - so cool!

In the beginning, the supporting characters seemed kind of lame. But as the show continued, they started to grow on me and I am glad they got their happy endings.

It was SIGNS that brought Xavier and Evie together (getting the wrong package delivered). It was SIGNS that brought Evie and Doctor-Guy together.

After The CW cancelled No Tomorrow they put in a 2 minute epilogue. The epilogue isn't on Netflix so I had to go searching for it on The CW website. But here's the text from the epilogue.
  • On May 23, the asteroid hit Planet Earth...And killed two cows in a pasture outside Lawrence, Kansas. Xavier & B612 were able to reduce the asteroid's size and avoid global catastrophe.
  • Timothy and Hank's band, Finger and The Noise, enjoyed moderate success after their debut single was used in an episode of Supernatural Season 16. (A CALL BACK TO ANOTHER CW SHOW!!)
  • Timothy and Talia now run an ayahuasca-based writers' retreat near Sedona
  • Hank and Deirdre moved into his bunker on May 21, survived the asteroid, and emerged in time for Deirdre to give birth to Hank, Jr. (no mention if its a girl or boy LOL!)
  • Deirdre still works for Cybermart. It is the fourth greatest love of her life (after Hank, HankJr., and Douglas).
  • Kareema and Sofia are still together. They are passionate advocates of marriage equality and progressive immigration reform.
  • Xavier became a massive hit on the inspirational lecture circuit and a bestselling author ("How Big is your Apocalyst?"). He and his father are still in regular contact. He is the godson of Jesse and Amber's son Jamber.
  • Evie found her true calling as a logistics coordinator for Doctors Without Borders. She traveled the world, helping to facilitate healthcare for people in need.