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Josh Is Irrelevant: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E6 Review

In my previous blog post, I wrote about how I think Rebecca has Borderline Personality Disorder and I was indeed correct! *pats self on the back* AND my article did the same thing the show did - list out the signs of BPD and give examples to how Rebecca met those signs. CXG writers and I - we think similarly!
Crazy Ex Girlfriend Josh Is Irrelevant
Source: The CW & itsbriankinney
Josh is officially irrelevant. If you look at the future titles for this season, the pattern of always having Josh's name is now over. Next episode is called, "Getting Over Jeff" which will be a Paula centered episode (and is also the mid season finale and also airs in 3 weeks on Dec 8 boo).

It's always darkest before the dawn. Last episode, I was in tears at Rebecca's suicide attempt and now everything seems so rosy! The song, "A Diagnosis," was cheery and fun and hopeful. And now, I see such a hopeful future for Rebecca. I know there are a lot more episodes of Crazy Ex Girlfriend to come so I know it can't be smooth sailing from here on out but I'm glad Rebecca knows her diagnosis and is taking steps to heal.

I'm glad they made a point to say, "Suicide isn't caused by one person or event; it's because of mental illness." Take that, 13 Reasons Why.

Nathaniel's story really shed a light on his character. He almost had a panic attack whenever he thought about his mom's suicide attempt so we can see he is also affected by mental issues. I also now know WHY Nathaniel likes Rebecca. As they repeat many times during this show and also said during "Maybe She's Not A Heinous Bitch," - "When we're finding a mate, it's our parents we're thinking of." Rebecca reminds Nathaniel of his mom!!

This episode is the first time I have hope that Rebecca and Nathaniel are end game. Nathaniel was so sweet after her suicide attempt. That last scene with him leaving roses at her door was so adorable!! He was finally able to write a heartfelt note to her (after trying so many times to find the right words).  I think maybe Rebecca will learn how to love healthily through her BPD treatment and Nathaniel will also deal with his own issues and in the end, maybe they will end up together!

In conclusion, my main takeaway from this episode was HOPE. I am so excited for a beautiful future for everyone the show.

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