Monday, April 22, 2019

Crazy Ex Girlfriend Series Finale Makes (almost) Everyone Happy

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Crazy Ex Girlfriend, my favorite show, recently aired its SERIES FINALE. In my opinion, the finale was designed in a way to appeal to (almost) every fan. Let me explain. I believe there were four types of fans who went into the finale.

  1. People who wanted Rebecca to end up alone, healthy, and happy with herself.
  2. People who wanted Rebecca to end up with Greg.
  3. People who wanted Rebecca to end up with Nathaniel.
  4. People who wanted Rebecca to end up with Josh.

Now, of course, fans of #1, should be the happiest. Rebecca really didn't choose a man. The finale focused on her finding her passion and her own happiness. However, I believe fans #2 and #3 can also be happy with the finale. 

The only type of fan that should be unhappy are #4, the Josh-endgame fans. The writers gave Josh a serious girlfriend for the finale. Even though the camera panned on all three of our men when Rebecca said her romantic partner could possibly be in this room, it is very small chance that it will be Josh. I haven't kept up with the fandom, but I think by the time season four aired, there were very few Rebecca/Josh shippers. I'm sure there still are some, but I think they are a minority which goes back to my claim that the finale made almost everyone happy.

Now fans of #2 should be the second-happiest. As explained in episode 16's review, Greg is singled out as the winner from the three men. They have the most romantic and healthiest moments. In the series finale, Future-Rebecca from the Rebecca/Greg scenario is the one who tells Real-Rebecca that she won't be happy until she she finds out who she is. Greg is the last one to get broken up with in the finale, and he is the one that receives the most information. (I THINK I saw Rachel Bloom or someone on Twitter say that she would have told all three guys some version of the same thing...but I think the fact we see her telling Greg means something). 

In my opinion, Greg is the the writers choice of who Rebecca ends up with. Greg tells Rebecca that he will not wait for her as she tries to take a break from dating and focus on her passion - which is the healthy thing to do! But then, a year later, it is remarked upon that he is, in fact, single. The writers purposely let us know of this face, because off camera, when Rebecca is finally ready to date, she will end up with Greg.

I believe the writers did the smart thing by not cementing Rebecca/Greg in stone. You can still challenge my interpretation and you would be not wrong. Fans of #3, the Nathaniel-endgame can choose to believe that Rebecca ends up with Nathaniel. It is up to the viewer to choose what will happen in the future with Rebecca's love life - and that's fun! That's an exciting way of viewing the finale! I personally believe Rebecca/Nathaniel won't happen because let's not forget - season four contained an entire episode showing Nathaniel coming to terms with letting Rebecca go and accepting that she is with Greg.

I am sad that my favorite show is over BUT look at how much fanfiction potential there is! Write about Rebecca/Greg endgame, Rebecca/Nathaniel endgame, Rebecca/Josh endgame - or even how famous Rebecca becomes with her song writing career! At the end of the day, Crazy Ex Girlfriend ended with hope and possibility.

Let me know in the common if you agree or disagree!

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