Thursday, April 4, 2019

I Need to Find My Frenemy: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S4E15 Episode Review

The beautiful, touching #GirlGroup4eva episode that these final episodes needed!

Darryl's method of "Columns," is not unique but it is simple. The episode starts off with Rebecca making a hilarious list of the positive attributes of her three choices. Hilariously all three got, "Amazing in the sack."

The Math of Love Quadrangles: Another reprise of a great song! Greg, Josh, and Nathaniel looked so handsome in their nerdy glasses and suits! I like how it is quadrangles because there are four people this time!

Rebecca can't make a decision between her three guys so when Audra Levine's husband calls her and tells her that Audra has abandoned her family, Rebecca welcomes the distraction. Rachel Bloom's acting is hilarious here! Rebecca smiles so devilishly. Rebecca's joy at seeing her arch nemesis's downfall is so great! She doesn't even hide it. "I can see you smiling," says Audra's husband.

Our ladies all decide to take a trip to Las Vegas because they are running away from their problems. Valencia wants to avoid her pain at Beth not proposing to her. Heather wants to avoid her childish husband. Paula realizes that the Fett Regoso suits for her new office are ridiculously expensive. Rebecca, of course, doesn't want to think about choosing between her three men.

Slow Motion: I thought our four ladies looked so cool and sexy during this number! Perfect for a girls trip! I liked how the show explored the cinematography of slow motion and showed the funny aspects to it.

There were a lot of call-backs during this episode - especially to the season one song, "Women Gotta Stick Together." Some examples: "Females helping females," and "Denise Martinez - that bitch I cannot stand." Denise helps Valencia learns that it's a bad look to bully your lover into proposing. One interesting call back was to The CW. "We're heroes - Dare to Defy!" That's one of The CW's slogans! Audra Levine says, "You can't call me crazy, because when you call me "crazy," you're just calling me in love!" That's a call back to the Season 2 theme song!

Audra's boyfriend is VERY gross. It's amazing how everyone can see it and calls him out.

Paula is so confident and fierce in this episode! She saves Audra's boyfriend from a beating and wins herself A LOT of money through the poker game! I love how much she is flexing on everyone by being that good at poker. During the, "Slow Motion," poker game song, the lyrics, "I don't understand poker," really got to me. I also do not understand even a little bit of poker!

JAP Battle (Reprise): JAP Battle, the original, is in my top five favorite Crazy Ex Girlfriend songs!! This nice reprise had a lot of witty lyricism as well. I loved the love both women had for each other. I thought the ending where Audra says, "Wanna make out?" was also hilarious! 

"I care about you in my own way. You're like an annoying family member," says Rebecca to Audra showing them mending their relationship. It was a really sweet episode!

I liked how Paula stood up for herself and said she isn't going to wear those expensive suits all the time. I was relieved when her employer agreed with her. It was great when Valencia said, "wait, I can propose?" in surprise! She now has power to make her marriage dreams happen! Maybe she will propose to Beth in the series finale? Heather goes back to Hector and said, "You are not my daddy, and I am not your mommy, I learned that in Vegas," which was a funny and unexpected call-back to Audra's gross boyfriend.

RIP Darryl/White Josh: Wild. Absolutely wild. THE GROUP MIND HAS DECIDED THAT YOU ARE IN LOVE. This episode completely destroyed the Darryl/White Josh ship! I guess I should have known the second Darryl had his baby that they were lost forever. White Josh doesn't want a child so it is truly over for them. It's cool that Darryl is ending up with a woman, because it gives good representation to bisexuality!

STAND DOWN: Josh telling everyone to "stand down," was a highlight! It is very Rebecca of him to pretend he is in an old-timey movie telling his competitors to "stand down!" He also used a lot of funny, formal language like, "shant."

At the end of the day, all three men are a little hurt by the whiteboard. However, they all agree to offer Rebecca, "three dates with three guys." "So nine dates?" says Rebecca. I loved that little bit.

I was really excited by the end of this episode! I was so excited to see the three dates in action! It is just like The Bachelor (which is where White Josh got the idea....). Excited to see the creative and romantic dates Rebecca goes on in the next episode!

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