Monday, April 22, 2019

I'm in Love: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S4E17 SERIES FINALE Review

My favorite show aired its SERIES FINALE and that's heartbreaking to me. Crazy Ex Girlfriend is a show that was MADE for me. I love theater, I'm depressed, I seek external validation, I'm a feminist, and I love comedy. Sad to see a show that is so uniquely me go. It taught me a lot of good like lessons, and I'm sure I'll re-watch the entire series many times in the future.

The show started with a Dream Ghost sequence! I feel like we haven't seen Rebecca dreaming like this since season one - and that season one Dream Ghost episode is one of the greatest so its nice to see that it received such a major call-back in the finale.

Rebecca is on the toilet again (just like in the season three theme song), and trying to figure out which of her three men to choose. I, the viewer, obviously think she is going to pick Greg. Her Dream Ghost sequence tells her she won't be happy until she knows who she is. This is the first sign that Rebecca isn't going to choose someone during the finale.

Eleven O'Clock: What a beautiful summary song. We not only get to explore what is going on with Rebecca's mind (she is confused because she thinks she should be able to choose a guy by now), we also get to revisit some of the themes and classics from the series. We see Rebecca singing the theme songs of the first three seasons.

As an aside, I wanted to say how much I LOVED the season three theme song. I love it so much I wrote an article about it. I realized it gets a lot of hate from the fandom which I think is very undeserved. The theme song is funny in how Rebecca can't choose if she should or should not be crazy. Plus, it plays on some prevalent pop culture themes! (Maybe the hate is based on how it follows the Season Two Theme Song which is just so good! It's a hard act to follow!).

The three theme songs she sings remind us about all the themes and identities that she has explored. We see her sing, "I'm a good person, yes it's true. I'm a good person, but better than who?" which is an interesting question. Who is Rebecca Bunch trying to be better than? Everyone is flawed. We also see Rebecca say, "Like doesn't make narrative sense" which was a hallmark theme from, "End of the Movie." Also, as an aside, "End of The Movie," is my number one favorite song from the series!

Lastly, we get a final reprise of the fan favorite, "You Stupid Bitch." This song is important because it gets to the core of Rebecca Bunch's self-hatred. She is finally able to get rid of that self-hatred by the end of the series.

It is at this moment when we get the hilarious scene of Paula wondering why Rebecca is just starting off into space for a moment. When Rebecca finally confesses that she thinks of musical numbers in her head, Paula finally gives her the idea that she should start writing these musical numbers in her head! It is a gorgeous end to the show. Rebecca finally figures out her passion.

We see Rebecca take piano lessons. We see Rebecca get some vocal training. We see her put in the effort to work on her craft which is awesome!

One critique I have on the show is: The CW gave Crazy Ex Girlfriend 18 episodes for its finale season. Instead of having the one year time jump during the finale, they could have shown Rebecca getting this song-writing revelation earlier and seeing her improve and get better in her craft through out the season. I understand why they didn't do this - maybe it just wouldn't have been fun. Maybe they couldn't come up with any good stories revolving around that. I really do love the I'm Finding My Bliss episode, where Rebecca tries out theater so we do get a glimpse of it!

West Covina (Final Reprise): Rebecca and Paula hold hands and sing the final song of the series. It was a great call back to the first episode which also ended with a reprise of West Covina. This time, however, the song is about something healthy - Rebecca finding her true passion.

It was nice to see how everyone in our cast of characters ends up. Josh gets a new girlfriend! Nathaniel works at the zoo! Greg has a successful restaurant! Paula help women in need! Valencia and Beth get married (with Valencia doing the proposing!)! Heather and Hector get a hot tub? Darryl gets married AND has another kid on the way! That's a lot of kids!! White Josh has the worst ending. His childhood and current home burned down? That's horrible. I feel bad for him.

There is a hilarious moment when Rebecca says something alone the lines of, "Who knows? Maybe the person I end up with is in this room," and it pans to a bunch of people and lands on Father Brah and AJ! They looked so worried that it landed on them! It was a funny film gag. Of course, Rebecca won't end up with them.

I believe that throughout the season, the writers have been hinting that Rebecca/Greg are endgame. My personal head-cannon is that they will get together, but the beauty of this finale is that anything it possible! I wrote more about this in my next post, Crazy Ex Girlfriend Series Finale Makes (almost) Everyone Happy.

The final words of our favorite show, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, is "This is a song I wrote." Rebecca says this a little nervous -but excited. And awww...that's beautiful. We don't get to hear the song but that is okay! It allows Crazy Ex Girlfriend to exist outside of our eyes. We can imagine how it goes. We can imagine who Rebecca ends up falling in love with. We can imagine how Rebecca's new career goes. It's a series finale of possibilities.

EDIT: I really loved the concert episode as well! It was fun! It made me forget the sadness of my favorite show ending.

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