Tuesday, February 12, 2019

I Need Some Balance: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S4E9 Episode Review

I really enjoyed this episode! It's interesting - I also love musical theater but I have no knowledge of Cats whatsoever. I know in the 90s it was a huge phenomenon. I've heard people say it was the longest running Broadway show a while ago (which I'm sure is no longer the case). I haven't heard a single song from the musical. But if the musical has bangers like "Hungry Cat," - I would love it!

It's hilarious how Rebecca doesn't like Cats. I love her commentary on it even though I don't understand it. For example, when she said she would like Cats if it was just a dancing revue without a plot. Maybe I will finally learn what I need to learn about Cats when the movie comes out (which features Taylor Swift!). I also wonder if Rachel Bloom shares Rebecca's sentiments about Cats.

I loved how this episode gave Jason a chance to shine. I like him! Rebecca/Jason is now a ship I endorse. They have so much in common because they don't mind revealing embarrassing stuff like pooping in public trashcans (Jason) or yeast infections (Rebecca). Also, wasn't it refreshing when Rebecca told Jason the truth towards the ending of the episode? So many television plots are based on conflicts that could be solved if you just told the truth. I loved how they played the instrumental of "Sex With A Stranger," when Rebecca and Jason were about to sleep together - because it's a nice throwback to Season 1!!

When the "Hungry Cat," song (performed by Riki Lindhome) came on - I had no idea what it was implying AT ALL. Rebecca literally had to spell it out for me when she said, "I have to get laid." Crazy Ex Girlfriend is a comedy musical so I think their idea to use Cats for this metaphor was great! Riki Lindhome really did shine with her vocals in this song. Lots of cool guest stars in this episode: Fred Armisen as Itchy Cat, Todrick Hall as Funky Cat, Rebekka Johnson as Elated Cat, and Megan Amram as Nostalgia Cat.

I LOVED the subplot of Greg and Nathaniel. It was hilarious how worried White Josh was about the train wreck he kept on seeing right in front of his eyes. I know this is a TV show but: out of all the people at the gym - did Nathaniel and Greg have to meet each other? Obviously they did - for plot development.

White Josh looks so scared!

Favorite Jokes:

BEST JOKE: Maya bringing up the Twitter drama that many of us Crazy Ex Girlfriend fans saw first hand during the Tonys when Neil Patrick Harris shaded Rachel Bloom. In the episode, Maya says she agrees with NPH - "who was that weird lady at the tony's with the tiny top hat?" Neil Patrick Harris said this on Twitter. but apparently he had met Rachel before! Awkward!!

"I need you to say that you won't sleep with my dad." - Valencia, and a hilarious, sick burn.

"Wine with Whine Dinner" - creative name! Love the pun.

Darryl gave Bert dirt for a gift (which rhymes!!).

"Mayo is just chicken embryo mucus mixed with oil" - Jim. This was poignant for me because I've been playing Stardew Valley where I can quickly turn eggs into Mayonnaise and I never thought about how much egg plays into Mayo.

"What are you doing later and do you like oatmeal draft lattes? - Because I do." - Maya. I love how she hits on people!

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