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Nathaniel Gets the Message!: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S3E9 Review

I loved this episode!! The song were πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Without Love You Can Save The World: This song was a parody of all those charity anthems. For some reason, the Powerpuff Girls' song "Love Makes The World Go Round," comes to mind. My age might be showing when I say that I am also reminded by Disney Channel's "Send It On," and, "Make a Wave." (performed by the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez).

I am definitely going to be listening to, "Without Love You Can Save The World," on Valentine's Day to remind myself all I can do without love LOL. The song was funny because Rebecca, like usual, blows an idea out of proportion. Of course love is important, you just have to have a healthy balance. A healthy relationship and a healthy way of engaging with and improving the world.

Also, I loved the outfits of, "Without Love You Can Save The World." Everyone wore matching outfits where there was a heart with a cross on the shirt! And then at the ending of the song you could see the clouds make that same symbol (with airplanes making the cross). The dancing was fun too! Some great lines:

"Then suddenly the lakes have all gone dry, AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT"

"Not being tied to a bed can really give you wings"

"Love is blind, but without love - you can actually help the blind"

"Forget who you did - think about what you can do"

WOW, wrote 3 paragraphs. I must really like this song.

Fit Hot Guys Have Problems: Do you know how many shows I've watched where people go into a club and there are women dancing for the male gaze? I love Crazy Ex Girlfriend for switching the script! I like how they are objectifying men to challenge society's norms. They are also challenging toxic masculinity, by showing our leading men experiencing sad emotions and crying! Some great lines:

"We both have almost no body fat but we're too bummed out to talk about that." BUT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT IT LOL

"So don't objectify us with your male and female gaze."

"You wanna join our imaginary song and dance?" BEING META

A Youtube comment I really liked:

fit hot guys have problems too crazy ex girlfriend

Grocery Store Wedding: Rebecca helping Valencia out with her wedding planning business was a good story line. Seeing the grocery store people was a real treat. Just like the Rebecca/Josh/Valencia love triangle - the Marty/Ally/Grocery Clerk With Half an Eyelid (Brody) love triangle ended the same way. Ally leaves Brody to be with Marty. Ally/Marty really do have a messed up relationship. It was funny seeing these characters interact and I did find myself laughing at Ally and Marty's antics. I understand Rebecca for interfering. In my opinion, it was the right thing to do. If you were about to marry someone and they were cheating on you, you would want to know!!

Josh is something like a volunteer fireman: I like this direction. You don't see men becoming strippers often in media because they need money. With Josh's circumstances, he does need money and this is actually a good job for him!

Nathaniel and White Josh Bromance: I liked their bromance! It's interesting that Nathaniel always wears suit and button down shirts while White Josh NEVER wears that kinda thing. White Josh is always in beach clothes. BUT they have a lot in common! They both lift and care too much about their bodies. They are both judgey - White Josh with his friend's choices and Nathaniel because he is rich. It was nice watching them bonding over depression-fries!! Later on they ate depression onion-rings!

The next episode is titled, "Oh, Nathaniel, It's On!" I am getting a little worried why all the titles have the name, "Nathaniel" in them. I hope she isn't obsessed with him as she was with Josh.

Great show this week!! Excited about the next episode where Rebecca and Nathaniel feud. I can't believe Nathaniel won't give Rebecca her job back - I thought he actually cared about her!

Please let me know in the comments what you thought about this episode and what you think will happen in the future!!

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