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I Can Work With You: Crazy Ex Girlfriend S4E10 Episode Review

This episode accomplishes two important things. First, it allows the viewer to see Rebecca interacting with her genetic daughter for the first time since the baby was born. Second, we see Rebecca and Greg as a healthy, mature couple.

We also now understand why Rebecca has been so cold to Hebecca. Rebecca thinks she made a rash decision in donating her egg to Darryl. She didn't think it through that she would be bringing a person into the world with her "garbage genes." In addition, Rebecca is also scared that another family member of hers wouldn't love her. Her dad didn't love her, and her mom never acted like she did. When Hebecca started crying around Rebecca, when she never cries around anyone else, Rebecca's worst fears are confirmed.

I loved the reprise of, "Hello, Nice To Meet You," that Rebecca sang to Hebecca. "All I can say is have fun in the grey," almost made me tear up. Rebecca even sniffs the top of Hebecca's head just like Darryl suggested in the beginning of the episode. By the end of the episode, Rebecca starts to accept her daughter.

The second important thing this episode accomplishes is that it starts a new relationship with Greg and Rebecca. There is a reason why Greg came over when Hebecca started crying - and that reason is that the writers wanted us to see Rebecca and Greg as a domestic couple. It was so cute seeing Greg comforting Hebecca and getting her to stop crying. "You know I'm the first person to impulsively throw myself into any really romantic moment," says Rebecca. When Rebecca takes a second to examine her feelings after the shame-spiral - we were seeing a healthy Rebecca making good choices. If Greg and Rebecca work hard to keep their relationship healthy - it could really work!

I know lots of fans still say Rebecca should end up alone because she needs to work on herself. Other fans don't like the cliche that the main female character HAS to end up with someone. I disagree. It would be nice for Rebecca to be in a good place and continuously working hard to keep herself healthy in a good romantic relationship by the end of the series.

Sports Analogies: One of the best songs of this season. It was funny and fun to listen to! Highlights included, "shuttlecock," and, "We're American men, we like all sports except for soccer/cuz soccer's just a bunch of foreigners running around." I laughed so hard at that ending line. It was also cool to see Nathaniel and Josh's dads playing instruments together. "We're sad about our dads, we couldn't talk to our dads." They both have daddy issues! I also loved how during the ending of the song, they both turned to their dads and the dads were reluctant to clap. But then the dads did decide to slow clap just to give their sons the validation they desperately craved.

Hello, Nice To Meet You: As I stated earlier, I loved both reprises - the one sang to Hebecca and the one with Greg and Rebecca. This is a very cute and hopeful song.

Paula's Law School Graduation Party: It was an interesting dynamic to see the main characters gathered without Rebecca. Paula really needs to learn how to celebrate herself.

"What happened to Marvin Gaye?" says Josh Chan. I said the same thing as the show was airing. Later on, I looked up the tragic story.

It was super sweet and funny when everyone helped Josh take the photo for Fett Regoso! It was heart-warming team work!

Valencia and Hector Beef: I thought the reason for the beef was lame. Valencia was jealous that Hector was more popular because he was nice and easy-going. That could be said for anyone - even Josh! Also, it just seems like such a child-ish reason to be mean to someone. Valencia should know better.

Favorite Jokes:
"Water cooler has been empty for weeks." - Paula about inviting Josh.

Josh: "You're mean."
Nathaniel: "NOT ANYMORE."

All the weird sportsy ways Nathaniel described those court cases to Josh. I didn't understand most of them. Also, Hector passing the entire time he was playing the game because 1) he didn't know the court cases and 2) because he was scared of Valencia.

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