Saturday, February 10, 2018

Teen Beach Movie & Teen Beach Movie 2 Review

Listen, Teen Beach Movie 2 came out the year I GRADUATED college. I am a 25 year old woman. Am I too old for Disney Channel Original Movies? THE ANSWER IS NO.

I recently downloaded Teen Beach Movie & Teen Beach Movie 2 and I've got to say I had a wonderful time. The premise of both movies are ridiculous but that's what makes them great. Both movies are fun and don't take themselves too seriously. The songs are great, and the relationships between the characters is sweet. It is truely a wish-fullfilment fantasy story. I want to get sucked into a musical!

I'm a sucker for Disney Channel Musical Movies. High School Musical, Camp Rock, Teen Beach Movie. I eat them all up. If there is new DCOM musical in the future when I am thirty, watch me write a review about that one too!

Some thoughts on Teen Beach Movie & Teen Beach Movie 2's Twist Ending.

  • I was SHOOK by the ending of Teen Beach Movie 2. Mack and Brady's love story never happened!! But they are MEANT TO BE so they instantly connect through the now Lela, Queen of The Beach Movie.
  • A lot of people hated the ending. I thought it was pretty cool. I understand why they did it - to highlight the paralells. Plus, this was the only way Lela would be able to live her dream life.
  • One problem with the ending of Teen Beach Movie 2 is that in Teen Beach Movie, Mack decides to not move and transfer to private school thanks to Mack and Brady's adventure in Wet Side Story. Now that wouldn't have happened so how does Mack still go to the same school as Brady? Should Mack have been whisked away to private school? My own head cannon is that Mack would have listened to her heart regardless of the Wet Side Story adventure. She would have realized private school wasn't the right choice and stayed all by herself.
  • Do you mean to tell me that Brady wouldn't be obsessed with the feminist version of Wet Side Story? IDK....Brady's a woke guy. Why couldn't he be obsessed with Lela, Queen of The Beach Movie? And then Mack and Brady meet the same way again?
  • I love the "Fallin' For Ya," and, "Mean To Be." songs. They are also the most romantic songs. Gosh, I love romantic musicals.
  • I hope there is a Teen Beach Movie 3 but it does not look likely.
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  1. I'm 19 already and still watches DCOMs, they're clean good fun films, i love most of em (especially the musicals - try to review the others, i love reading diff opinions about movies). Even tho, many hated this particular franchise, i have to say i enjoyed TBM, the songs are really fun (it's has some old time vibe) and it's just a cute film (well, except for the third act where it became TOO CHEESY). The second movie tho, imo, it sucks, it has few good songs (Best Summer Ever, Gotta Be Me), the movie felt rushed and the acting was meh, even for disney actors, it became too ridiculous and kinda stupid tbh. The ending was bold and good move tho.