Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Mayor: a new ABC comedy series review

I just watched the first episode of ABC family's new sitcom "The Mayor." This sitcom is about an aspiring rapper who decides to run for mayor to promote his album. In a surprising turn of events, he wins the mayoral race and decides to be mayor to help the community get better.

This story obviously sounds like it was inspired by Donald Trump's win. Many people have joked that Trump only ran for president to promote his brand and then he actually won. Courtney Rose, the  main character of this sitcom, is similar to Trump in that he is inexperienced and says exactly what is on his mind. However, Courtney is a much more likable figure in that he did not grow up rich and in privilege. Donald Trump's white privilege is a huge part of why he won; he vilified minorities to appeal to white voters in the south. Courtney, as a Black man, does not do that. Instead, he knows first-hand what is going on with his community because he IS a huge part of the community. Unlike Donald Trump who, due to his ridiculous amount of wreath, has never really been part of the communities he claims to defend.

In summation, The Mayor, is a much more pleasant story about an inexperienced man holding office. The audience all hopes Courtney Rose will succeed. The first episode was funny enough. (My favorite joke was: “Step one, get 200 signatures. Step two, don’t be a felon - and I don’t go to trial until next year! I’m just playing, Mom, I love you”). However, there were some off jokes thrown in here and there. When I found out the show was created by Jeremy Bronson, I realized that made sense as The Mindy Project does have a lot of off jokes throughout its episodes as well.

The Mayor ABC Family Sitcom

I look forward to new episodes. I do worry if the premise will go stale soon. I hope they keep it fresh and exciting.

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