Sunday, August 20, 2017

Riverdale Review: Excellent but worried it will go the Pretty Little Liars route

Just finished watching the season one finale of Riverdale. This show is a gem! *slow clap* Great job, Riverdale writers and the CW. This was a great mystery story. Even though it is supposed to be a teen mystery, I felt like it was a mature and coherent story. Though sometimes, I think it purposely bring Teen Show elements into the show just to remind us that yes!!! This is a Teen Show!!! like the dance battle which I think is cool that it’s so self-aware. Another self-aware moment: when they mentioned the Bechdel Test in the season finale LMAO. I really hope it does NOT go the Pretty Little Liars route. PLL was pretty good in the beginning but then ruined it with a jumbled and illogical story. The season finale gave us ANSWERS (who killed Jason Blossom) and left us with reasons to watch the next season. The CW remains as one of the best networks on TV, and I have high hopes for season 2. 

Rating: 5/5. 
Completed: August 10. 

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