Sunday, April 5, 2020

RIP Adam Schlesinger: songwriter for Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Coronavirus has taken Adam Schlesinger, a man I always heard about when I went into my Crazy Ex Girlfriend deep dives. When I heard the news, I felt really sad because he helped make my favorite show. He helped the music stay at such a high quality. His work was loved by many - especially me. This tweet by one of the creators of the show, highlights some of his musical accomplishments for the show:

I can say I loved every single one of these songs (and trust me, there are CXG songs that I think are boring and lame but none of these are).

I liked how good of a songwriter Adam Schlesinger was. I would describe myself as a "lyrics" person. I love to focus on lyrics, I love to analyze lyrics, and I love smart and witty lyrical writing. I can tell he was the same due to his commitment to writing amazing songs. I am sad to see such an amazing talent leave this world.

RIP Adam Schlesinger

Adam Schlesinger Rachel Bloom

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  1. The author’s works are distinguished by special talent and penetration. His songs conquered many thanks to their extraordinary specificity

  2. To have such a talent is a real gift because many cannot develop their talents because they do not understand what is given to them and therefore miss all opportunities.