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Ever Since New York, a lyrical analysis from Harry Styles the album

Ever Since New York, Song Meaning and Lyrical Interpretation

Ever Since New York is an interesting song because I am unable to pinpoint what exactly it is about. It's definitely a sad song, but Harry is vague when he is telling his story.
Tell me something, tell me something
You don’t know nothing, just pretend you do
I need something, tell me something new
Choose your words, 'cause there's no antidote
For this curse, oh, what's it waiting for?
Must this hurt you just before you go?
Harry has received some bad news. He wants someone to tell him something new - something good, something hopeful. He wants them to pretend everything will be alright but he knows that it won't.
Brooklyn saw me, empty at the news
There's no water inside this swimming pool
 Almost over, had enough from you
And I've been praying, I never did before
Understand I'm talking to the walls
I've been praying ever since New York
I read somewhere that, "There's no water inside this swimming pool," means that he's cried so much that he doesn't have tears left. Maybe the phone call he received or the first time he heard the news, it was in New York. This song MAY be about Robin Twist, his stepfather, who died earlier this year. Maybe Harry had heard about his cancer diagnosis worsening. I do NOT think this song is about Taylor Swift AT ALL even though New York was the setting of their romance. The song sounds too serious to be about a romantic break up. If it is about Robin Twist, I am so sad; I cannot imagine loosing a loved one to cancer.

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  1. I've always thought that this song was about Robin, and it's nice to see that other people agree. It makes the song way sadder than it appears to be, but makes a lot of sense. We miss you, Robin! :(

  2. I bet this song isn't about robin twist .there is something deeper meaning of this song.yes it relates to taylor swift song but his song isn't about taylor swift.i think this song is about someone who is very close and dear to harry and broke up with him.

  3. Oh my god ur obviously a larry. SHUT UP. This song is totally about Robin Twist!! Its not about any romantic relationship. The lyrics are about as transparent as you could be of what it is about. the song is obviously about his step dad who passed away from cancer... "Ever since New York" means that he was in New York when his dad got a terminal cancer diagnosis. His step dad passed away less then a year before this was released. The lyrics say, "Choose your words, cause theres no antidote" . This lyric is saying how his dad does not have much time left(choose your words) because there is no cure to cancer(there's no antidote). Then it says, "must this hurt you, just before you go". he does not want his dad to feel pain when he dies. Then, it says, "Oh, tell me something I don't already know." Doctors are reminding him that his father is dying, news that he does not want to hear but knows it. "Brooklyn saw me, empty at the news". Harry Styles performed at Brooklyn in New York right after he heard the news about his father. "There's no water, inside this swimming pool " Harry has already cried all his tears. "Ive been praying, never did before". He was praying for his dad to be cured. I mean, why on earth would he start praying after a breakup in 2013 for a girl he only dated 3 months?! Also "New York" was where Harry Styles and Taylor Swift met, not broke up. So why would it make sense for him to be acting like it was where they broke up? "Tell me something, tell me something, you don't know nothing, just pretend you do. Tell me something, just before you go. " I find it hilarious how ppl can think it is about a romantic relationship. Harry wants his dad to pretend that everything is ok so he does not have to be reminded that his dad is going to die. He wants his dad to talk to him before he goes. This song is very sad and hits me in the heart, as my dad passed away from cancer as well. This song has the most transparent lyrics that you have ever seen, yet ppl are dim enough to still relate it back to taylor, or any romantic relationship harry has had.

    1. i'm sorry about your loss </3

    2. EXACTLY! also im so sorry for your loss love <3

    3. Yesss.. This is the best and most logical interpretation of the song. This is definitely not about Taylor. Not every song had to be about his break ups people!

    4. this song is about harry's dad and its just insulting for it to be related anything else i think its one of the most darker songs of his i am someone who lost her dad to cancer and this song just breaks my heart when ever i hear it and i can defiently feel the pain in the lyrics which isnt there because of some break up i feel like if someone has lost a loved one they can definelty just tell how sad this song is

  4. Wait I thought that his step dad passed away on may 17 2017 and the album came out on may 12?????

    1. Yes maybe he dies after it came out but this song is about Harry's father's diagnosis and his impending death ...not about him being dead already.

    2. this actually reminds me of taylor’s song ‘soon you’ll get better’ but that was made two years after this. defo abt his dad not anything romantic.

  5. Definitely about Robin Twist, his step father.

  6. The guitar riff is from the badfinger song "baby blue", writren by pete ham. It was a big hit in the 1970s, and used in the last episode of breaking bad. Hence the songwriting credit for pete ham, who tragically took his life after a series of financial problems caused by the bands thieving manager.pete was 27.