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Meet Me in the Hallway, a lyrical analysis from Harry Styles the album

Meet Me in the Hallway, Song Meaning and Lyrical Interpretation

I'm starting a new series on this blog where I analyze all the songs from Harry Styles' new album. Let's start with song number 1, Meet Me in the Hallway.

This is a song that describes Harry hoping to save a dying relationship.

Meet me in the hallway
Meet me in the hallway
I just left your bedroom
Give me some morphine
Is there any more to do?

Harry has just spent some time with his lover, and it looks like at least one of them wants to end the relationship. When Harry  is leaving, he hopes his lover will come follow him and stop him from leaving. The relationship with this person feels good, as good as morphine. He hopes there is more good stuff that comes out of this relationship.

Just let me know, I'll be at the door, at the door
Hoping you'll come around
Just let me know I'll be on the floor, on the floor
Maybe we'll work it out
I gotta get better, gotta get better
I gotta get better, gotta get better
I gotta get better, gotta get better
And maybe we'll work it out
Harry is waiting for his lover to come out and tell him that she's changed her mind. He waits, and hopes, but from these lyrics it seems unlikely. I think it's nice that he takes responsibility for the relationship, saying that he will try to be better. The lyrics, "I'll be at the door", and "I'l be on the floor," show how much Harry really cares, that he seems to be really hanging onto this girl.

I walked the streets all day
Running with the thieves
'Cause you left me in the hallway
(Give me some more)
Just take the pain away
It seems like this girl did not come out and meet him in the hallway. "Running with the thieves" seems to imply that he is doing all sorts of things to keep his mind off the pain (some may be things he doesn't really want to be doing), when all he really wants to do is be with this person. He is pained that this relationship has ended and that's why he wants her to "give him more" love so that the pain will go away. 

We don't talk about it
It's something we don't do
'Cause once you go without it
Nothing else will do
He thinks the girl might be feeling the same pain. Without each other, they know no other relationship is as great as theirs. But still, neither of them opens the lines of communication and so they stay this way - broken up.

Do you agree or do you interpret these lyrics differently? Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

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  1. Hi, sorry, I changed my comment settings from Google+ to Regular comments so some comments got deleted.

    A user asked why I thought the person Harry was singing to was a girl. To be honest, I didn't give much thought to the gender. I just assumed it was a girl. Sorry, I didn't give a deeper answer. But thanks for reading :-)

  2. Idk, I thought it was not a break up song. For someone like Harry who used to see his loved one dying in the hospital, I think it's about it. He is using a hospital imagery a lot. Like give me some morphine..just take this pain away.. and at the lyric 'we don't talk about it it's something we don't do' is like talking to the family about the condition and all the things that he don't really want to say. And the part 'cause once you go without it, theres nothing else will do' is like when the medicines dont work anymore, they could do nothing. The part 'is there anymore to do' is like he is asking is there any other treatments or medicine or anything to help his loved one revovery.. and it's like he is always ready if he is needed in the part 'Just leg me know I'll be at the door. I'll be on the floor.' And 'hoping you'll come around' part is Harry's hope for his lied one to be strong and healthy again. 'Gotta get better I gotta get better' is also his hope that that person will get better and he will feel better after that.
    And also the chorus 'meet me in the hallway' is about meeting people, friends, and family in the hospital hallway..

    Just thoughtss.. Its seems fit

  3. I thought it was about sex ;)

  4. hey, doesn't have to be a girl he's talking about...

  5. It's 2020, yes, and I'm here analysing every song of Harry but am really confused with that "running with the thieves" line and out of all the other analysis, yours makes the most sense. Thank you!

    P.S. Yeah I don't think it's a girl.