Monday, April 27, 2020

BJ Novak's Lookalike & Crazy Ex Girlfriend Similarity - Netflix's Never Have I Ever

Thoughts on Netflix's Never Have I Ever

Mindy Kaling's new show just came out on Netflix called, "Never Have I Ever" and I LOVED it.  It was funny and touching and made me cry at times. I recommend everyone give it a try and watch it!

Here are some thoughts I wanted to share with the world:

1) I think it is HILARIOUS how Mindy Kaling named the Jewish character with big, blue/green eyes "Ben" after BJ Novak (The B.J stands for Benjamin Joseph). Mindy and B.J. have been linked romantically for quite some times and their characters were a couple in The Office!

bj novak never have i ever Ben
The 2 Bens!!

2) This show reminded me of Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Here is how:

  • Girl is obsessed with boys because she is going through some trauma
  • Girl is self-centered and ditches her friends constantly because she is obsessed with a boy
  • Girl has a therapist who is constantly overwhelmed by her crazy-ness
  • Girl's mother is controlling
  • Love triangles galore!! 
3) The scene where Devi falls into the pool is a call back to the Mindy Project where Mindy also falls into a pool.

4) Team Paxton or Team Ben: I have no idea which team I am on!!

5) Mindy Kaling tends to make her enemies-to-lovers men really mean in the beginning. This was seen in The Mindy Project where Danny was horrid in the first few episodes. I thought Ben was also super mean to Devi in the first episode, but his solo-episode narrated by Andy Samberg humanized him!

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Let me know if you have any interesting thoughts on this show you'd like to share! Or any thoughts about my thoughts lmao.

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