Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Number #1 Song of 2016

I know it's NYE 2017 and I was just about to write the My Top 10 Favorite Hit Songs Of 2017 post, BUT I started going on a tangent and started talking about what the number #1 song of 2016 would have been if I had written that list.

My favorite song of 2016 was Closer by the Chainsmokers featuring Halsey. I think that song has a lot of emotion. It's about reckless, passionate love. It's about being young and taking risks. I really enjoyed that sentiment. 

When ToddInTheShadows did his Year-End Top 10 List for 2016, he did a really funny fake-out kinda thing. He led us to believe he was going to choose Roses by the Chainsmokers as his number one song but then he goes, "Screw it, Closer is number one." I LOVED THAT. I LOVEEEEED IT. Because it shook me. At that point, I knew Closer was my number one. I didn't dare think a smart, professional music reviewer like ToddInTheShadows could ever pick that song because a lot of people HATED that song AS THEY SHOULD.

The beauty of, "Closer," is that it's a stupid song. It has such childish writing and forced rhymes. ROVER SHOULDER CORNER BOULDER OLDER. 

It's so dumb but it works.

The musical production, in my unqualified opinion, is great. It feels nice.

When I look back at 2016, I will always remember Closer by the Chainsmokers. When I listen to that song 20 years from now, I'll instantly be transported into Summer 2016 which was a summer fueled by this song.

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