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Taylor Swift's Boyfriends Ranked By How Much They Remind Me Of My Own Loneliness

When #Hiddleswift happened, I saw this HILARIOUS tweet.

And it inspired me. I thought to myself, someone should write this article and that person should be me. So here we go...

Taylor Swift's Boyfriends Ranked By How Much They Remind Me Of My Own Loneliness

One thing people don't know is that Taylor Swift actually hasn't dated that many people. She's dated about 8 people in 10 years. That's less than 1 guy a year! She's a beautiful, rich, successful woman - let her shop around!! (also, it's sexist to make fun of Taylor Swift for dating around when male celebrities date WAY more).

8) John Mayer: John Mayer and my number 7 choice actually don't remind me of my loneliness. (guess who number 7 is!!). They remind me that sometimes it's better to be alone. From what I've heard of John Mayer, he seems like a total player and womanizer and it's better to stay away from people like that. Also, Taylor Swift dating Mayer at 19 when he was 31 does seem kinda gross. Also, Paper Doll.

7) Joe Jonas: I was a fan of the Jonas Brothers back in the day. And now I am a fan of his new band DNCE. But you best believe that in 2008 when I heard Joe broke up with Taylor through a 28 second phone call, I was obviously on Taylor Swift's side. And also, Joe's interviews later on about Taylor and Demi kinda peeved me so I don't see him as a sweet guy. Also, Much Better.

6) Calvin Harris: "WHAT?" you exclaim. "#tayvin - Taylor's most recent beautiful #goals relationship? How can you put that as number 7"  I know, I know. Harris is tall (6'6 is TALL), well-built, and looks good next to Taylor, but I wasn't really a big fan.  They did some cute stuff together like make that snowman, and I am glad they lasted so long. But there was always a hint of frat-boy to Harris as evidenced by his now deleted, "it's about to go down," tweet.
Taylor Swift Calvin Harris

5) Jake Gyllenhaal: Jake Gyllenhaal was a huge part of Taylor Swift's life as evidenced by Red. "All Too Well," is such a powerful song about him. He seems kinda sweet with him keeping her scarf (LOL). I don't know much about Jake, but I see him as an alright dude. He didn't show up to Taylor's Birthday party in The Moment I Knew which hurt her and is unfortunate but sometimes things happen - people are busy, etc.

4) Conor Kennedy: Conor and Taylor's relationship was short and sweet. Taylor wrote one song about him called, "Starlight," which is a magical sounding song!

3) Taylor Lautner: Wasn't he the hearth-throb of 2008? Also, he seems genuinely sweet. Taylor actually wrote an apology song to him which makes it seem like he was a genuine, nice guy where Swift is the one who made the mistake.

2) Tom Hiddleston: Yup! I am so alive for #Hiddleswift! Loki was my favorite avenger which says a lot about me (he's not even an avenger LOL). I am all for this relationship because Tom is one heck of an attractive and charming guy!

And lastly...we all know who is number 1:

1) Harry Styles: Honestly, I'm a Harry girl so of course Harry and Taylor remind me of my loneliness the most! Harry is charming, funny, attractive, and a great singer. He's my favorite Taylor Swift boyfriend!

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